Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm BACK...Jiggity Jig!

Egads December was one stinkin crazy month!

I won't try boring you all with writing out in detail all that commenced in December 2010...instead I'll bore you all with giving you pictures.

Skadoosh! Here we go:

My itty bitty baby turned TWO. To celebrate we made her some mini cupcakes with pink frosting:

Um, I got more powdered sugar on the floor, counter and in my hair than in the mixing bowl. The Birthday Girl was frightened by the sound of the EVIL, MONSTER MIXER. Sheesh. At one point she laid her head down and sobbed. Drama queen. Bubbalu is...well... he just does that a lot.

Bubbalu (who also turned FOUR in December) was in our church's Christmas Program. Yes this is blurry:

But it's HUGE I tell ya. See that little boy? Here, let me point him out to you:

Yes, that one. He is actually ON the risers during the Christmas program! That's a first for our household. Pretty sure the Sunday School teachers were on to him and boxed him in on all sides with compliant, obedient children who wouldn't let him escape. He DID do some pretty intense head and upper body dancing but BY GOLLY he was ON the risers!

At the invitation of our Bro and Sis-in-law we dragged out rears off the couch and ran the jingle bell run. Yes, I actually ran it. Yes, it hurt. Turns out taking a four month leave-of-absence from running leaves you with zero lung capacity and shriveled, uncooperative muscles. Who knew!? Good thing I had a superb running coach that sweetly and kindly made me run the whole thing:

Isn't she cute? Yes, I'm wearing a Santa hat. Stop laughing.

The kiddos came along for the running ride and Uncle Shane and Daddy traded pushing our "city on wheels". Of course, I had to Christmasify the stroller too:

Yes, Bubbalu is wearing green light-up antlers and Lil Chick is masquerading as the tiniest Santa you've ever seen. You can't see it but their stockings are hanging from the handles in the back. Just wait til next year. We have HUGE plans. SUPER festive.

Had to share this one:

I LOVE Lil Chick's pink hat. She's giving Grandpa a nose Eskimo kiss!

So, didja get what you wanted from Santa? NO?
That's too bad, all (S)he has left is scrambled eggs:

Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas celebrating the birth of our King!


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  1. You guys look so festive on the Jingle Bell Run! and ANYONE makes fun of the hat, I'll GET'EM!

  2. WELCOME BACK! I found it extremely difficult to blog during the last month, too. :-b

    FYI - I think you all look so cute in your festive gear, and GREAT job on doing the Jingle Bell Run! Maybe next year I'll give it a whirl! :)


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