Friday, January 14, 2011

Tweets of Monkeys and Queso...

Yup. Finally caved.

Even flopping and floundering around as a newly hatched lil twittery bird, you are invited to join in and follow me. You'll enjoy me chattering about skinny monkeys, the nutritional benefits of consuming queso and other equally electrifying topics that will most assuredly stimulate scholarly dialogue.

You know......about moneys and queso.

Huh, maybe the monkeys need to EAT some queso?

Told ya it'd be ELECTIFYING. Convincing, ain't it?
I know what you're thinking, "You had me at Queso".

Help a lady out and leave me some hint/tips in the comments cause this newly hatched lil twitter chick has no idea what she's doing...



  1. Howdy,
    Nice to see ya online! I'm more clueless on Twitter than your bird :). Resting the cranium after attempting Boston's "More Than A Felling" on 12 string. Need sleep...Farmer's market morrow-morn.

  2. hi there,
    found your site thanks to etsy! love your blog, looking forward to following

  3. I think about caving....and then I know it will be just one more thing for me to neglect. But I think about it a lot. :-)

  4. Twitter is great! I find lots of inspiration for design and craftiness there. Just dive in and enjoy it.

    * You can have your blog posts automatically syndicate to your Twitter account using TwitterFeed (there are others, too, I'm sure)

    * Use hashtags (#) to set apart keywords. Basically if someone searches for, say, "scarf" and you've got #scarf in your tweet, they'll find it.

    * Relate to people! It is important to respond, reply, retweet, direct message (DM) rather than just posting and leaving it alone.

    Just some quick tips to try. You'll do great because you do great with your blogging. :)


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