Friday, February 4, 2011

Frozen Pink Pants...

It's been super rainy and dreary here. No snow for us.

I can't imagine what would happen if this much rain would have been SNOW. We'd be buried. It would be AWESOME. Lots of tomato soup and hot chocolate, reading by the fireplace, losing Lil Chick in the drifts and making a 14 foot tall snowman. Or snowlady. We're an equal opportunity snowperson building household.

The kiddos have been braving the drizzle and playing outside. Of course, I strip em down to their skivies out on the porch before allowing them reentrance into the house.

Too bad I forgot about Lil Chick's pink fleece pants out there. Fast forward a few days and some cold weather and you have pink fleece pants FROZEN to the deck. SO charming.

Next I left their shoes out. Once again, drenched in rain then FROZEN to the deck. Good thing I buy el cheapo shoes.

So much for the predicted horrendously snowy and freezing winter. Meh.

As for the rest of you who are buried in snowdrifts, what do you do to stay warm? Tomato soup and hot chocolate like we do? Fess us, I KNOW some of you are wearing a snuggie right now!

Spill it...


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  1. You called me out, I'm definitely wearing a snuggie :) don't judge, they are uh-mazing!

  2. I wish I had a snuggie...instead I'm huddled under a soft blanket with my soft slippers that I just bought on clearance at Target and I'm sipping hot chocolate, or hot mocha, or hot tea. I'd love some chocolate chip cookies right now but I'm too lazy to make them :) Although we have no snow, it's been in the 30's here and that's cold enough for me. I'm not a fan of the cold even though I grew up in Chicago.

  3. The snow is too fluffy to pack into useable balls but the snuggies and hot chocolate are still great.

  4. No worries...I have done that before though usually it's wet clothes from playing in the kiddie pool or sprinklers during the summer. Apparently all we get much of in texas is ice and we don't venture out in it much! But, yeah, its cold down here and I am about to make some hot chocolate and definitely wishing I had a snuggie!

  5. I'm kinda bummed about the no snow. Either give us the winter we've been wanting or bring on the spring. I'm sick of this inbetween-ness.


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