Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just A Smidgen...

I've been too busy doing important stuff like eating and vacuuming to have time to blog.

Also, I may or may not be suffering from a smidgen of writers block.

Ok, maybe a tad more than a smidgen.

I mean c'mon, do you REALLY want to hear about my new haircut, the Ruffles and Rust show I attended or the number of eye twitches I have? Nah.

Oh wait, I do remember a story to tell yall. A Mama embarrassment story.

Phew! At least I remembered SOMETHING! Will get that one written down soon.

In the meantime, help a girl out and please tell me what you would enjoy hearing me blather on about!?

Cause seriously. I need some inspiration. Don't leave me hanging folksies...


***SERIOUSLY? New posts in my Facebook news feed? That's a R.A.D!!! .... A Really Awesome Discovery ***


  1. I like hearing you blather about Jude because it reminds mesome of Max:) (They are like a week apart:)and I like it when you post your internet shopping finds because I don't have time to internet shop so I live vicariously through you;)And the stuff you make. SO super cute. I always say someday I'll have time to do that. Not looking likely:) So I can at least look at your cute stuff:)That is when your not too busy cleaning up puke;)

  2. How about finding me some affordable/cheap, fun spring clothes that I can wear when we go to Florida for Spring Break! I need to add a few new things to my wardrobe...any new finds lately...something I could afford on a teachers salary :) I love all your posts...they are all interesting...so just keep posting about what you make and who you love. It's very interesting to us readers.

  3. I enjoy reading your latest alteration of clothes and also your new finds. Anything about a fabulous fashion find, good deals, or on alterations would be my suggestions. I like it when you update your latest additions to your Etsy shop. I love your scarves!


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