Monday, February 14, 2011

Nautical Stripes...

NY Fashion Week showed Nautical inspired wear is back! I LOVE this type of clothing. Simple, clean cut lines, casual yet preppy dresses, All American colors (Red White and Blue!), and STRIPES. I LOVE me some STRIPES. However, you and I both know how stripes can look on a person.

WIDE horizontal stripes across a (*Ahem*Postpartum x2) belly? Forget it.
TINY horizontal stripes?? A bit better.
Vertical stripes? Acceptable.
Cleverly placed slimming asymmetrical stripes? AWESOME! I would classify it as the optimal clothing optical illusion.

Stripe Example #1:

Hello slenderization! The angles will accent your lower ribcage (smallest part of the torso) and the layers across the (*Ahem*Postpartum x2) belly are pure disguising brilliance. Just add cute jeans, a pop of color in accessories, flower pins, or shoes and good to go.

Example #2:

Tiny ticking-esque vertical stripes? Winner! I don't know about you but I LOVE the bow....which makes this skirt: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Example #3:

As the national spokewoman for Females Who Are Pear Shaped (FWAPS!), I heartily recommend this dress. Emphasize the upper twins, de-emphasize the lower twins. YouknowwhatImean.

Example #4:

Same logic as #3. Hello comfortable. Summer chic anyone?

Not on my recommendations list (Horizontal stripes on small fitted shorts? NO) but I have just one question:

Why do her ta-ta's have wings?

Happy stripes shopping!


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  1. Totally drooling over all of those. Save the last one of course. I think we are fashion soul mates.

  2. I can totally see you in #1 and #4! Of course, those are my faves, but I totally see YOU in them! lol :)

  3. Aren't all ta ta's supposed to have wings? Love the long dress :)

  4. Wow these prints and especially the dresses are fantastic! Making me excited for summer time!

  5. Why is it that when I look at the last outfit, I can see a double electric breast pump working away under those "wings"? I think I've had too many children...

  6. Love!!! Expecially the first top. I'll stick to my guns that rompers are generally impractical unless you are young enough for someone to change your diaper.LOL


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