Monday, March 7, 2011

Sassy Apron Sewing Sister (errr) Day....

My brother and sister-in-law were visiting all last week. The girls decided to get together to do a sewing project.

AKA: Sassy Apron Sewing Sister (errrr)Day! SASSeD! (thanks Amy ;)

Pretty sure the serger was smoking. Lot's of bright coordinating print fabrics and some DELISH margaritas. LOVED it. Not sure I sewed straight lines but loved it nonetheless!

So far what we've come up with is:

One sweetheart neckline mod floral print:

And one super sassy apron with fabric flower detail and tiered ruffles:

And.....that's it so far.

Of course, I have yet to finish my own apron and my Mama's, but I'm really close. Here's a teaser pic of the fabrics that I currently have piled on my sewing table:

Oh yes, there is a retro 50's theme going on!

Can't wait to show you all the finished products! Hopefully I'll escape to my sewing room for a bit today to get them completed. Once my apron is done I'll be able to flit around my kitchen cooking up a storm in my sassy apron. I'm convinced it will make my cooking taste better. Or maybe it will distract people enough they won't even be able to taste what I've made. They'll be too busy looking at the accent colored rolled edges on the ruffles to notice. My evil plan is working!(enter sinister laugh.)

What about you, would you wear a sassy apron in the kitchen?


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  1. Please tell me you are going to be selling these on your esty site. I would buy one or two in a heartbeat!! LOVE 'em!

  2. Oh those colors are pretty! What fun.

  3. DEFINTELY sounds like a lot of fun! =) How come WE never get around to sewing days? We usually end up talking for too long, lol!

  4. do I wear an apron??? um, do birds fly?? are boys loud??? do i love Marshalls????
    yes,yes,yes a big, fat resounding YES!! :)

  5. WOW!!! I never post on blogs, but I LOVED those! I wish I had a reason to wear an apron! I think they would be adorable dresses for a little girl too!


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