Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Advanced Mama Scrubbing Math....

Lance and I spent a good 2 hours scrubbing Lola on Monday afternoon. (Lola is my sassy tahoe. Yep, I name all my vehicles. Why? Because it’s fun. And it’s fun to wonder out loud in the Costco parking lot, “Where’s Lola? We totally lost her!” Then the kiddos yell, “THERE’S LOLA!” I don’t know why it’s fun, it just IS.)

No, not scrubbing the outside, the INSIDE.

We had an unfortunate non-stop vomiting bout on a car ride home from a Chris Tomlin concert a few weeks ago. Our normally two hour, ETA midnight trip was turned into a 2:00 AM arrival with a very sad and tired toddler.

Not to mention two grossed out and equally tired adults. But that’s OK, we still had phrases from the insanely awesome concert running through our minds: If God is for us, who can be against us? It kept me looking at the big picture, not dissolving into a hissy fit freak out at the present catastrophe.

Which it was. I had run out of my packed AND back-up car stash of baby wipes cleaning her up by the second episode and she was down to her last set of clothes. Six episodes later (Didn’t know someone so small could produce that much, uh, STUFF) and Lola was thrashed. Used up wipes, plastic bags full of gooey clothes, drive thru trash (hey now, don’t judge. Sometimes you just NEED a therapeutic ice cream and oreo blended treat…at 1 AM) and poor Lola looked as if she’d just barely survived a two week non-stop road trip across America. Poor girl.

I successfully took both kiddos’ car seats completely apart (a huge accomplishment ), dumped out the Costco sized bag amount of goldfish crackers that were stashed under, in and around the seats and hauled the pads and covers to the tub for a good old fashioned super detailed dutch scrub-down.

(Scrub brush x shampoo) + 3 hot water buckle de-juicifying pour thru’s/ 17 time rinse outs = a satisfactorily cleaned carseat.

That is some advanced Mama math right there. And everyone thinks my brother has all the math brains in the family!

Lola is back into tip-top shape.

Well, was.

I took my flu-afflicted Bubbalu to the pediatrician yesterday to be evaluated. Of course, we had lots of juice boxes and saltines crackers along to keep his tummy calm.

You know, saltines: AKA the most crumbly cracker on the face of this planet. And juice boxes : AKA entertainment, you blow into the straw and juice shoots out all over you, so awesome!

At least she looked good while it lasted.

And those thousands of juice drenched goldfish crackers? Smashed onto the garage floor….now covered by a kajillion juice drenched goldfish cracker hungry ants.

Ah well, at least I tried. Can you relate?

Off to put carseats back together, re-clean Lola and sweep out and spray the garage floor….


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  1. I can so relate! However, we don't have a garage, so we just park in the driveway. Last week I pulled in to see three individual piles of crapola that had been tossed from the van and left on the ground for "the birdies to eat." I don't know when the hubby will realize that birdies don't like leftover hunks of Costco hot dogs. That's rats. Nasty.

  2. Taking those car seats apart and putting them back together has to me one of my least favorite mommy-jobs. But it's gotta be done now and then!


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