Thursday, April 14, 2011

High Points and Low Points of Yesterday...

High Point: Sipping my morning coffee

Low Point: Sticking my fingers in poop

High Point: Dry diaper for Lil Chick's nap time - yay!

Low Point: Sticking my fingers in poop

High Point: Bubbalu saying "Mom, Mom, MOM MOOOOOM! I love you so much!"

Low Point: Sticking my fingers in poop

High Point: Big juicy Bob's burger with jo-jos

Low Point: Sticking my fingers in poop

High Point: Sewing a completed nautical pillowcase dress for Lil Chick in under an hour! Woot!

Low Point: Sticking my fingers in poop

High Point: Hanging out with my Mama and Sister

Low Point: Sticking my fingers in my Mama's house.

High Point: Lil Chick wearing cutie lil underwear!

Low Point: Sticking my fingers in one of those cutie lil underwear.

High Point: I took that hot-off-the-sewing-machine-dress to show Mama! Thank goodness cause I had nothing else for Lil Chick to wear after....

Low Point: ....Sticking my fingers in poop.

Dontcha just LOVE it when I'm potty training a child?

I talk about poop.

A Lot.

Sorry, but there will be a LOT of potty talk around here. If you're squeamish, you may want to take a Vintage Dutch Girl break....but don't be gone forever, I'll miss ya!

Ok, blurb it out. What were your High Points and Low Points of your day? I'm sincerely hoping you didn't stick your fingers into poop. It's not very awesome. (And if you did? I hope you washed your hands REALLY well. And scrubbed under your fingernails with an old toothbrush like I did.) Ick.


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  1. Wow, your day sounds a LOT like mine was yesterday. We had poop both in the undies and on the floor. Yeah, potty training is such a joy.

  2. Wow, you had a full day!
    T says - how many times does that girl go poop in a day? lol

    Hi points - bringing b'day lunch to daughter at school, recess duty, and iced latte...

    Lo point - waking up to snow? Oh, and not getting to stamp something like I wanted to. :( I guess I didn't really have many low points today - yay! :)

    Good luck potty training, mama! :)

  3. CLOSE to sticking my fingers in poop...but just barely avoided it.

    High Point: giving a friend a sassy new do (and getting rid of that mom bob), toddler jam sessions, finding khaki's for my hubs for $15, and of course...gazing at my cutie Ethiopian =)

    Low Point: Messy house that I don't have energy to clean and NOT being on a plane to Africa =)

  4. Sounds similar to my day! I was changing the baby's poopy diaper when the toddler walked up and told me he had poop on his fingers. Apparently he didn't quite make it to the toilet and then tried to wipe it up himself. I did have to tell him he did a good job of trying though! Oh the joys of potty training!

  5. I did not stick my fingers in poop -- but I set my sweet little potty training peanut on my lap -- and got poop on my pants. Does that count as a low point? Yes. As low as yours? Not even. :) How is the potty training coming along for you?


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