Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pillowcase Dress Photo Shoot...

I finally got around to throwing together a cute lil pillowcase-ish style dress for my spunky Lil Chick. I had a pattern in my head and really needed to see if it would work or not. I had this bright aqua, pink and green adorable fabric found at Walmart (of all places!) and bought a good five yards or so because it just SPOKE to me.

Ever have that? I'll walk through a fabric store and hear a deafening chorus of "Pick ME!!!! Pick ME!!! Take me home! Add me to your stash! I promise I'll behave and be beautiful! You'll LOVE me!"

It's a bit overwhelming.

Anywho. Was thrilled that this was a quick project with a high cuteness factor. That fits two of the requirements to ensure a repeat of a sewing project.

Got Lil Chick, dressed her up, and asked her to just stand and smile for me:

Whoops, kinda blurry and missed the full-on grin.

How bout a close-up?

Hoo boy. Told ya she had some spunk. I think she gets it from Auntie Mimi ;)

You think you're funny, dontcha?

Her response to my "Stop picking your toes!" comment:

The teen years may be rough.

C'mon girl, PLEASE will you smile?


OK, last chance!

Close enough.

Have since made another, nautical inspired, pillowcase dress, the next one I make I'll be snapping photos for a tutorial! Go pick out some fabric that's yelling at ya...


Vintage Dutch Girl is on the BOOK of FACES.


  1. She is cute! I think you need to offer some kind of bribe for photos. Pez or something. :)

  2. Oh what a cutie....I "heheheee'd" all the way through this ;) And you sure called it like it is - you BET she gets that spunk from me!!!!! Didn't you know we have "diva lessons" when you're not around?!? ;)

  3. I just ordered some fabric so I can try this pattern out!! I'm finding it's impossible to have matching outfits for my girls since the stores are always out of one size. So I'm going to start sewing them!! :) Can't wait!


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