Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chevron Gray and Yellow...

Anyone else digging the gray and yellow trend?

How bout the chevron pattern explosion in decor?

I am :) However, I am not allowed to use gray in my house. No, not one of our neighborhood covenants, its one of MY covenants. At least not on the walls. Been there, tried that. Dungeon anyone?

However, there is a place that I can use gray and yellow freely and without fear of clashing with orange-ish trim and a yellow-mustard-beige-gold ceiling:

Yuppers, another blog makeover. The last one really didn't feel cohesive and, well, ME, so I changed it up a bit. Click on over and see whatcha think.



  1. There is a grey & white comforter set on sale at Target this in love. My husband would freak if I totally redid our bedroom which is now green & tan & brown...boring. Oh well.

  2. Oh I like this much better than the last make-over... the last one gave me a bit of a headache. Initially, it was cute but then it got to be too much. This is very nice - the grey is soothing and the yellow accent is just enough pop.


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