Saturday, June 25, 2011

Four Costco Trips...

I believe I counted correctly when I say we went to Costco four times this past week.



I know.

But when my Sister invites me for a Saturday afternoon Costco run without kiddos I jump at the chance. EVEN if it is on Saturday, which is breaking rule #1 in the "How to Shop at Costco" playbook.

And when my Sis-in law calls me up for a last minute "Hey you still in town? Let's go shopping!" spree I can't say no :)

And when my Mama asks me to pick up some stuff for her I'm going to say "Sure, why not?". (After all, she birthed me and one should be afforded SOME perks for that.)

And when I realize that, despite three prior trips, I have yet to remember toilet paper and to fill the car up with gas....I go back for the fourth time.

Our Costco climate has changed drastically over the past year. See, I live sorta close to the country that resides just north of the U.S. of A. When currency rates flip (US economy = fail) to be in favor of that northern country, the folks who live there come across the border in droves for a super smokin good Costco deal.

Not that I blame em.

I'd do the very same thing.

Anywho, so a routine Costco trip has turned into a free-for-all, grab what you can, avoid sample tables like the plague, dash to get into a checkout lane that is less than 6 customers long, park two parking lots away, 20 car lineup for gas, concession stand chaos and people people people everywhere.

I'm not much of a crowd person.

For me, the enjoyment of a Costco shopping trip has greatly diminished.

However, there is hope. I'm hearing rumors of a new Costco Warehouse that would be located NW of the current location and closer to the border. We'll see.

So, fourth trip in a week, busy busy busy and yep, I've got Bubbalu and Lil Chick with me.

The kiddos were behaving especially, uh, interesting and I was about at the end of my shushing, "stop it right this instant", glaring looks, "do I have to make you get down and walk?", sighs of frustration, "stop hitting your sister", rebuckling the seat belt, "stop bugging your brother", "no screaming!", "you are just fine, stop whining" and "stop asking for that we aren't buying it, no means NO" rope.

Can anyone relate?

Anywho, so I finally make it to the checkout line and wait until it's our turn, playing mediator with the kiddos ("He hit me!", "No I didn't!", "She's poking me!", "Nuh-uh!") the entire time. I rushed to load our stuff onto the conveyor belt thinking GET ME OUTTA HERE ASAP.

Can anyone relate?

An elderly lady and her husband were in line right behind us. She smiled at the kiddos and said, "Honey, You look like you are doing a really good job with those kids".

{ instant stress dissipation }

Seriously Mama's, let's be intentional about building one another up and be generous with encouragement, it makes SUCH a difference....especially on those rough days, right?

Or during weeks with four Costco runs :)


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  1. I can relate 100%. "Please leave your brother alone" and "I said no and I do not want to hear it again" are phrases which are repeated to the point that I should seriously consider having them tattooed on my forehead. My store of choice happens to be Super Target and if I had a penny for everytime I heard, "Three boys! You have your hands full," I would have collected enough to shell out some serious money on a kid free vacation. I should probably start making people give me a penny when they say it.... I could use a vacation!


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