Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Retro Rustic Clean Country Laundry...

Good Morning!

I have never been SO excited in my entire long three decade life to do laundry. Yep, we finally upgraded! No more el cheapo craigslist castoffs! With the amount of yucky dirty laundry I do in a week, it really trumped all other home upgrades/furniture/yardstuff/travel trailers etc.


We ordered our new washer and dryer about 5 days before our long trip to South Carolina...and despite having to try and figure out how to pack the entire house into 4 suitcases, I decided to repaint my laundry room. I had TONS of time.

Because really now, what better time is there to paint your laundry room when you can completely remove your washer and dryer? And what paint lovin lady wouldn't seize the chance for a room redo and to cover up more babypoop colored walls and ceilings? (yep, ceilings too)

Hello, perfect chance. Couldn't say no.

My Mama was kind to help me paint AND did my laundry for me at her house (yup, washed, dried AND folded!) during those 5 days pre-trip when you do so stinkin much laundry just to have all of your regularly worn clothing ready to pack.

I chose my fave new neutral: Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage. (Er...I mean Home Depot's Behr Paint and Primer in one color matched to RH's Silver Sage from a paint sample card.)
(Course, I was not thinking clearly and threw the empty paint can away - doh! I'm praying my friend still has the can so I can get the formula.)

The glorious new washer and dryer arrived 14 days ago....and I am in love. Big RED puffy heart in love :)

I love doing laundry!!!

It's the actual folding and putting away part that's been the problem. I have piles of super clean perfectly steamed laundry all over the house and just don't want to do the unfun part of laundry.

(No this is not a local casting call for dirty laundry. And before I get baskets of laundry on my porch with little notes that say "wash me!" let me say something here. All laundry that isn't from my own family...or has not received the laundry blessing from the laundress will be taken to the backyard and torched. Bless your heart.)

I'm still working on the decor/organization in my walk-thru laundry room. I'm hoping to convince my hubby that installing a built in side shelf, high wide plank beadboard, a sitting bench with shoe cubbies and a coat rack with shelf would be an exciting early summer project. Jury's out on that one.

I'm hoping for lots of galvanized metal, pops of red and aqua, some worn edges. I'll call it retro rustic clean country.

Now if you will excuse me, I plan on shirking my laundry folding and putting away to browse inspiration photos on my new fave, Pinterest. Seriously. Get on there. It's way too fun.


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Of course, FACEBOOK :)


  1. This won't be a brilliant comment but I would appreciate knowing what kind of washer and dryer you got since you love it so much. I already don't mind laundry but as we are going to have two little bottoms in cloth diapers this fall, we are looking into upgrading our w/d.

  2. Oh, and I just checked out the silver sage line at RH. Lovely!


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