Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aqua Raspberry Containers...

My hubby bought a flat of local raspberries a week ago. They were SUPER delicious...of course! I live in a county that provides MORE THAN 65% of Raspberries in the United States. They know what they're doing here.

Anywho, the delicious deep red berries came in these cutie aqua containers...and due to my fondness of all things aqua and my inner Dutch, I can't bring myself to toss em:
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There MUST be a way to reuse these decorationally! Or, organizationally! (yeah, those are words).

Two found a home in my baking utensil drawer holding all those broken but needed measuring spoons. It's nice not to have them rioting in there every time I open or close the drawer.

I'm trying to dream up other ways to use em, maybe as clutter holders in my junk drawers. Or jewelry holders in my bathroom.

They make me smile. Go buy some raspberries. They are in season NOW :)


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  1. They are pretty aren't they??? Good upcycling!!
    I've been picking my own berries...about 7 flats in 2 pickings...ahhhhhhhhhh......


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