Monday, August 8, 2011

Parenting a Spark Plug...

Some days I fail as a parent.

As least I feel like I've failed.

Yes, the kiddos may have been fed, clothed and kept out of general danger, but their other needs may have been left by the wayside.

You know, teaching them the fruits of the spirit like PEACE. PATIENCE. KINDNESS. SELF CONTROL. GENTLENESS. Patience. Patience. Patience. Pat - ok you get the idea.

I've had MANY of those days lately. Survival days. Struggling to provide those basic needs of a human, but ignoring many of those other, ya know, things. Let's just say our strong-willed child is once again trying valiantly to become ruler of the family.

God made him this way. God blessed him an unusually firm character, a drive and determination and spirit of fortitude that will one day become the very thing that helps see him through anything he sets his mind to accomplish.

He is a firework. A spark plug, if you will. Small package, lively zippy personality, huge potential.

Today I'm praying for patience, guidance and for a spirit of gratitude for the gift this wondrous child has been to us. For what character development parenting him has produced in ME.

Cause sometimes He needs to tear me down with whatever means necessary to wake me up again.

God knows what HE is doing. Imagine that.



  1. Love this attitude...keep it up girl!!!

  2. I am sure you are doing way more then you think each of these days too. It is so hard as a parent to ever see this. I can relate to how you feel. Some evenings I kneel in prayer and tell Heavenly Father I have failed again. (And again and again) And then I receive peace on some of these nights that indeed I have not. Line upon line. Step by step we (the kids and I) are both teaching and strengthening and learning together. You are awesome. Hang in there with that strong willed boy. I have a two year old one myself. :) They like to keep us on our toes!

  3. I have one of those spark plugs too - she's 6 and some days it takes every fiber of my being to remember that those things that are driving me batty right now will be the tools necessary for when she is older... that is, if she makes it to older... it's touch and go right now... lol.

    I'll be praying for ya - but know that you aren't alone. I'm right there with you.

  4. I know how you are feeling....lately my boys seem to fight all the time. They drive me batty. It takes all the patience I have and then some to get through the day. Thankfully we can have confidence in that the Lord is in control of all things, even our crazy kids. So keep up the good work and keep living for HIM.

  5. I love hearing about your strong-willed child...why? Because then I know I'm not the only one WITH one! Mine is 3...she's a girl...and boy does she challenge me on a daily basis!
    Like you said...God MADE her this way (sometimes we wonder, um...why??) and someday we hope we will see it all work out in her...our...benefit.
    Thanks for the continued encouragement....and have PATIENCE and all that love :-)

  6. Oh I so have a spark plug and I so get it. You are a great mom! Some days are harder than others. God made these boys to be a light and a light thy will be it just takes a lot hard work and redirecting this I have come to know. I also know now thaty spark plug is eight both of us will survive . Here's to a good night sleep for you and patience as well. I will be praying for you Amanda but trust it is not all up to you:)


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