Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sixteen Hour Ice Cream Headache...

It's amazing how much a simple familiar smell or taste can immediately take me back to my childhood.

Yesterday we finally had some summer. According to the University of Washington, we have had a TOTAL of 78 minutes of weather above 80* this "summer".

Nice to know my whining was legit.

But hey, say it was pushing top 90's here we'd all be complaining it was TOO hot. Yup, no air conditioning (generally) in Washington! We'd be fanning our faces and worrying about the status of our tomato plants (mine is doing EXCELLENT this year -woot!).

I am fully aware the rest of the nation is suffering from a huge heat blast. Feel free to crash Seattle for awhile, I'm certain it will be refreshingly cool. If you do, hit up University Village, grab a mocha from Starbucks and enjoy the shopping.

Yesterday felt GREAT. It hit a whopping 71 and the entire west coast of Washington dropped their normal days plans and ran outside for some Vitamin D rejuvenation.

I was out and about running errands and hit up Dairy Queen for some ice cream cones for the kiddos. Of course, if Bubbalu or Lil Chick saw any drips starting from their melting ice cream they freaked out yelling, "Mama! Quick! Fix my ice cream before it falls!".

Mama HAD to step in and "fix" the problems :)

It surprised me when I had my first taste of that plain vanilla ice cream.

I said out loud, "Well, that's the taste of my childhood summers". My kiddos looked at me strangely, but hey, they do that everyday.

The kiddos loved their ice cream (of course) and so did Mama :)

I am currently sitting on the couch debating with Bubbalu about the length of time one can truly complain about an ice cream headache in order to qualify for a sick day.



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  1. I headed out this morning at nine, it was 56 and we all needed long pants and sweatshirts. The good news is, spring finally showed up. ;) I am really hoping summer gets here before school starts again!

  2. Love the icecream pictures, and I know just what you mean about that childhood taste or smell that just brings you back. CK1, teen spirit deodorant, red vines, and... that's probably enough before my stroll down memory lane gets irritating. Haha :)


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