Monday, September 19, 2011

Ruffles & Rust!!!

OK folks, announcement time!
{deep breath}
I am so very honored to be invited to participate for my very first craft show! I am going to be a vendor at the uber-amazing, so-much-to-look-at-it's-dizzyin, handmade-heaven, inspirational Ruffles & Rust show! Eeek! If you've never been, it is HIGH time you go.

This HUGE 90+ vendor show, presented by Come Junk With Us, is a vintage market filled with antiques, clothing, home d├ęcor, handmade accessories and more…This show is very similar to the oh-so-sassy and fun Farm Chicks show. Uh huh. Wonderfulness.

The fun is happening October 22, 2011 at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington (click for map and directions). Doors open at 9 AM, with an $8 entrance charge….but I've heard shoppers start lining up before 7 AM! Grab your gal pals and get there early with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in your hand to keep you warm while you wait :
Yesterday, I dragged my sis-in-law in with me to the recently opened Ruffles & Rust Square located in historic Snohomish, WA. We were both drooling over the fun items in there! I was able to pick up something wonderful for you…and to shop a bit, of course. I've got a COUPON for you folks! Ah yes, LOVE me a good coupon.

Present this coupon at the entrance and get $3 off your entrance fee.
$5.00 is much nicer to see than $8.00, right!? (Plus, it means you can spend moreJ). If you see me out n about, I've got one I can hand to you personally, or you can just print your coupon off right here:

I will have a LARGE assortment of my infinity scarves available to try on and purchase, with new styles and patterns I haven't yet listed in my ETSY shop.
Many of the scarves will be pre-folded and tied up with a ribbon and tag, PERFECT for gift giving. All you gotta do is throw em in a gift bag, stuff some crepe paper in and
Course, I don't just plan on scarves, I've got some SASSY half aprons – Rows and rows of ruffles, each apron is one of a kind! Add in a lovely bunch of handmade earrings (from subdued colors and sizes to jaunty reds, oranges, and blues to STATEMENT earrings), some nifty, witty throw pillows and a few other secrets I've got up my sleeve and that will be one FULL booth.
I've been a busy little sewing bee, running my sewing machine, serger, and iron to their very limit. And having a MAHvelOUS time! Oh to have a maid to cook and clean so I could play all the live long day…ah yes, a lovely dream J
Click on the link for some handy hints and tips for shoppers from Some really good info, ex. most vendors are CASH ONLY.
HOWEVER, I'll be accepting cash, paypal (if you have a smartphone with you), and Credit Cards through the tiny yet amazing and secure Square accessory for my iPhone. SO nice for shoppers who find stuff they just can't pass up! Christmas shopping 2011? Oh yes. I plan to be DONE with my shopping by the time the show ends.
I do hope to see you there, can't wait to chat with you! Off to sew again…
Amanda – Vintage Dutch Girl
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