Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Make a Craft Booth Sign...

I am knee deep in crafting, labeling, pricing, organizing, packing and planning for the Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market show next Friday and Saturday at the Evergreen Fairgrounds in Monroe, WA. You coming? Print off the coupon on very top right sidebar for $3 off your entrance fee.

One of the hugest projects on my to-do list was to create some sort of sign for my booth. You know, let people know what booth they are shopping in. I really really REALLY didn't want to spend big $$$ on this sign. But yeah, wanted it to look amazing. Of course.

Finally figured out what would work best.

First off, you need a hugenormous frame. My Mom has this large black ornate picture frame that my sis and I have been teasingly(sorta) arguing over for the past 10 years or so. Mom keeps hiding it in new secret spots all over her house, refusing to let us touch it.

However. She let me borrow it :)

Let's make a sign, shall we?

1. Gather your supplies:
- A hugenormous frame and a backer board that fits the frame.
- Level, Measuring tape, large clamps.
- Fabric larger than backer board (I used a drop cloth).
- Archival non-smudging ink pens. Yup, plural.
- Push pins, Straight pins and tape.
- Old school overhead projector.
- Your chosen logo/saying/photo etc printed on a transparency (local print store can easily do that for ya. Mine cost 89 cents. Perfect.).
- Clear Glaze Spray (optional), Adhesive Spray.
- Kiddos entertained with DVD.
- Diet Coke. Duh.

2. Stretch fabric and tack to wall. Make sure it's level! I used a windowsill to help it stay level.

(These are the pens I used. Fine point on one end, calligraphy plume on the other.)

3. Tape the transparency to your old school projector. Make sure it's level!

4. Turn projector on, center and level the logo. Measure, remeasure and then measure again...for good measure.

(sip your diet coke. Quickly check on the kiddos)

5. Carefully CAREFULLY start outlining your logo. Go from left to right to prevent smudging.

6. Turn off projector every so often and check for missed spots and lines. (sip more diet coke, insert a new DVD for the kiddos). Carefully fill in your traced lines.

7. Ah yes, so nice! If your frame doesn't have glass (like mine) then you should think about sealing your project. I used Krylon Clear Glaze spray. Test on a written on fabric scrap first! Cover entire project, let dry.

8. Here's another step where you need to measure, remeasure and then measure some more. Center and level the logo on your backer board and firmly clamp. Work with half the project at a time. Have a helper (a handsome husband works great for this role :) hold up the bottom half of the project while you spray the adhesive on the backer board. Slowly and firmly press the sign down from the center out and make certain to eliminate air bubbles. Repeat on other side.

9. Trim excess fabric from the edge of the sign. Leave a 2 inch selvage.

10. Place your newly made, oh so cool logo in frame and use support boards to keep in place. I'm athinkin having my sign crash to the ground mid-show wouldn't make me feel too grand.

11. The best part! Hang it up!!!
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SOOOOO excited how this turned out! And yes, this picture is HORRIBLE. It doesn't do the sign any justice. Captures about 10% of the awesome factor of this handmade sign. Time for a new camera?! :)

Oh, almost forgot the last step:

12. Finish that Diet Coke!

Amanda - Vintage Dutch Girl

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  1. Fantastic job! It looks great! Crappy picture or no crappy picture the awesomeness of that sign shines through.

  2. It came out perfect. Good luck!

  3. Looks great! Can't wait to see it in person cuz YES I'll be there!! LOL...brings me back to the cheerleading poster-making days =)

  4. you have earned your 'vintage dutch girl' title.
    love it!
    love u.

  5. Awesome idea and tutorial! I'm doing my first show next week and this may be the way I make my sign! Thanks :)

  6. To occupy my kids, during the hot summers in AZ. I would enlarge their favorite baseball or basketball card and let them trace & color it for their room. They would ot tell their friends, who thought they were amazing artists! You need overhead projector, copy machine and transparently film.


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