Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shows Over, Let's Have A....FALL Sale!


The Ruffles & Rust Show is over! What a blast! Learned SO SO SO much about running a booth, swiping credit cards (the Square is AWESOMESAUCE) learning what sells, what doesn't, which fabric people gravitate towards, etc.

The final booth set-up:

I've never been a saleswoman....and I detest pushy salespeople so I was really trying to be a helpful and informative shop owner not a BUY MY STUFF!!! shop owner. We found that demonstrating how to put on, arrange and wear an infinity scarf allows folks to be informed about my products, but not feel pressured.

HUGEST downside to doing this show? Not being able to shop! I saw SO many awesome booths and just wanted to go and browse through and pick up some trinkets and treasures.

Oh I have so many more thoughts on this subject but it will have to wait for now as my laundry dragon has reared its ugly flaming head again.

Also, I now have 30 hours and 55 minutes in which to complete two handmade costumes for the littles. Superhero and a princess. Predictable? Yes. But they are so excited to dress up :)

However, before I ditch y'all, I'll leave a fall treat:

Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy Fall Sale! I am turning the BUY2GET20 coupon code BACK ON! That's right, purchase two scarves and get 20% off your total! * see details below*

THIS is the time to get your Christmas Stocking stuffers all taken care of. And hint? I've got about TWENTY new fabrics all made up into scarves that just need photos and to be posted. New items posted daily for awhile!

Some shopping suggestions:

The #1 selling Fall Burnt Umber Blossom Scarf:

A classy, longer and brown toned Zebra print scarf:

A classic plaid:

The Woodland Berries Fall Scarf:

A soft and elegant Ivory Fleece:

Happy Shopping!

Amanda - Vintage Dutch Girl

*Deal details: This coupon is to be used with the purchase of two regularly full-priced scarves. Cannot be combined with any other coupon code or use this deal on the sale/clearance section.*

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