Thursday, December 1, 2011

Momisphere Advice Needed...

OK, so I have something gross to talk about today. You've been warned.

Yes, it involves kids.

Yes, it involves the bathroom.

Actually, strike that, it DOESN'T involve the bathroom....catch my drift?

I have a child who (shall remain anonymous. 50% chance, guess who?) decided that the bathroom was WAY too far away and the bedroom carpet was an EXCELLENT place to deposit urine. You know, don't want to walk 6 feet and use a toilet, takes way too much time away from playing. Awesome.

I need cleaning advice. I googled it, of course, and looks like I need some sort of enzymatic cleaner. It comes in powder and liquid form. Used this before?

However, where Google fails me is that I want an option to select only results from Moms. I'll call it the Momisphere. Seriously, that would be SUPER useful, agree? Only advice from fellow Mamas, not, ehow, Wikianything or shopping results for products that will clear my urine to help me pass a drug test. Really!? Dear Google, you can send my royalty check via paypal. Thankssomuch.

Mamas lemme have it, advice for cleaning DRIED (yep, didn't discover it in time) urine from carpet? I need all the help I can get!

Amanda - VintageDutchGirl

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  1. OK, I have NEVER dealt with this before, because my kids are awesome and don't ever ever pee where they are not supposed to.


    Go to Clark's Feed and Seed and get some Nature's Miracle. It's designed to remove dog and cat urine, but the natural enzymes work on a lot of different urine of all types of mammals.

    Now, if you know of something that works on hardwood floors where you don't know it's there and it dries, leaving a swollen, dark discolored spot in the grain of the wood along the edge of the floor, wouldja let me know? I have a- um, a 'friend' whose kids peed in a corner behind the diaper pail and she didn't find it right away....

  2. Tiff - I am going to get Nature's Miracle today. Thank you for answering Amanda's questions, because it was mine too.

    Wish I had an answer for you though! I'll keep my ears open!

  3. As an expert in mammal urine...Nature's Miracle is the best solution that is readily available. The only thing that supposedly works better is Anti Icky Poo and you can order that online. Have fun :)

  4. Well mind didn't pee deliberately on the carpet (but we did replace once potty training had finished), but I have one lazy little blighter who was too lazy to walk upstairs to the loo and used to pee in the kitchen bin. EUGH! He stopped after being made to clean the bin out!

  5. If you can't find the Natures Miracle, Kids and Pets or Folex are pretty easy to find. I prefer Folex, because it comes in a spray bottle already!

  6. I have found that biokleen works really good.. at least for pet pee. takes out the stain and the smell of pee. health food stores should carry it. we live in TX and i can get it at Sprouts, not sure how widespread those are, but... that's my 2 cents

  7. Kids 'N' Pets ( I don't think anyone deliberately peed on the floor, but there were a lot of accidents when my oldest and her two best friends were first potty training. And the people who owned the house before us had animals with their own potty training issues. It made my carpet smell like carpet again.

    And it got green frosting out of the brand new carpet at our new house. For that alone, they've got my undying loyalty!

  8. I have nothing super cool like the other gals mentioned, but I have found that good old white vinegar cleans and refreshes almost any stain. Hope something works!!

  9. since you're already doing new paint on the ceilings...what the the carpets too. :)
    (oh wait, your house is basically new. what the hay, get new carpets.)
    sorry lance, but that's just my two cents.

    seriously, come on over and grab my 'little green' steam vac. forgot to offer that tonight at church.


    you fix my slipcover,
    i'll clean your carpets.


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