Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sbux and Costco KNOW me...

Ya know, is it odd that when walking into a Florida Starbucks I feel the need to stand on one of the cushy chairs and exclaim,


and expect special treatment?

I think not.

It's like I feel I have just a bit of ownership of Starbucks from being a Washingtonian.

Add Costco to that list as well.

Yes, while we are stuck here in Orlando waiting for our flight (8 hours from now) I think I'll find a Costco to run into and exclaim,


And when I order my iced mocha I'm going to be watching the food service peeps and reading into their every move:

I think she gave me extra chocolate because I'm from WASHINGTON STATE.

I think she smiled longer at me because I'm from WASHINGTON STATE.

I think he put that clear plastic lid on extra carefully because I'm from WASHINGTON STATE.

Yup. It's gonna happen...

Amanda - Vintage Dutch Girl

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  1. Rats! Wish I'd known you would be hanging out at the Orlando airport for so long - you could have come to our house for lunch! Next time ;-) Hope the vacation was great!


  2. TOTALLY relate to the "I"M FROM WASHINGTON" syndrome. I get that feeling ALL the time when traveling around the country AND I do believe NO WHERE can make Starbucks the way they do in WA even IF they use the same recipes/same ingredients... it just doesn't taste the same!


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