Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten Printable, oh my!

Hoo boy, busy over here with school stuff.

*** Drum roll ***

Bubbalu is going to Kindergarten. WHOA.

I know, BIG changes will be happening around here!

He is so stinkin excited, and I gotta say....SO AM I.

I am NOT sad about this new stage. This boy has been ready for Kindergarten...oh....about two years ago: Academically, socially, um...how to put this delicately? His brain is on fire and only constant feeding this fire with new exciting information, teaching difficult problems and providing constant challenges and puzzles will sate this inferno

There. That about covers it. Yup.

So, I've been seeing on Pinterest all these lovely photos of kids on their first day of school with cute chalkboards that say 'First Day of Kindergarten' or 'First Day of Third Grade' etc etc...but there is just one problem.

I have horrible handwriting. No S+ was EVER earned for penmanship in the Amanda report cards. Just a lonely S. No plus.

So. I made one to print out. MUCH more fun!  I take any chance I can get to use a chevron print....and I can use his current favorite (OK, its MY favorite boy color combo, but whatevs) color combo of orange and navy.

If you have a little one heading into Kindergarten soon, feel free to right click, copy, save, whatever and print it out.

Alrighty, I'm off to stare into my fridge and wonder what in the world I'm going to pack in his first day of Kindergarten lunch.

Any and all suggestions regarding lunchbox items that will not only keep him healthy and fed but well adjusted, emotionally stable and feel like the luckiest kid on the planet are heartily welcomed!

Amanda - Vintage Dutch Girl

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  1. Every morning my kids ask for cinnamon toast cut into fingers. Basically any kind of sandwich cut into triangles or strips or something is fun :) We cut apples into slices, but I think little chunks would be fun too. Does he do well with little containers? You could put a salad dressing or sauce of some sort as a little dip.


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