82 Things

  1. I can't pick a ripe pineapple to save my life. Current game score is Pineapples-7 Amanda-0
  2. I sew to get out of housework - duh
  3. I am horrible at loading a dishwasher. Poor me. Hubby gets to do it. (shhhh, my plan is working!)
  4. I name vehicles. It's just a thing I do
  5. Petri, Lola, Lumi, Heinke,
  6. I love some coffee in my creamer
  7. I've witnessed an est. 1450+ births
  8. Every single one is a miracle
  9. I loved being a part of/supporting a family during their labor and delivery
  10. I miss it
  11. I work harder as a StayAtHomeMama (er, household executive officer) than I ever did as a nurse.
  12. I married my love when I was 19
  13. My love married me when he was 19
  14. 16+ years going strong
  15. If I don't create something every few days or so I go a bit bonkers
  16. Once the inspiration hits....watch out!
  17. Too many ideas, WAY too little time :)
  18. I have a THING for queso
  19. I can do laundry like a pro
  20. It's just the folding and putting away that I can't quite conquer
  21. SUDOKU. Keep the brain sharp folks!
  22. I can't stand a chocolate with any sort of berry combo. Blech. Keep em apart
  23. Wolfenstein 3D. Yep, I was a computer nerd circa 1992
  24. Proud to be pear shape
  25. I don't do confrontation
  26. I do apologize
  27. I'm not a pushover
  28. I'm an UNperfectionist
  29. Ministry in mediocrity!
  30. Spent many a Sunday afternoon watching 'This Old House' as a child with my Dad
  31. Don't let the high heels fool you, I can use power tools
  32. I LIKE to use power tools
  33. I met my husband in kindergarten
  34. I've had a big fat puffy heart crush on him since third grade
  35. He finally noticed me in high school, guess I finally got cute!
  36. I still like Justin Beiber...
  37. and that's embarrassing
  38. My eyes are hazel/brown
  39. ...but they turn green if I've been crying
  40. Asics GT had been my running shoes of choice for-evah
  41. Recently changed to Mizuno. LOVE EM
  42. I always order the same thing at my fave restaurants
  43. Saved by Grace
  44. ...because I'm a sinner
  45. ...can't fix that on my own
  46. ...not worthy to enter heaven
  47. Good thing I have a great relationship with someone who CAN save me
  48. Do you?
  49. Have a relationship with Jesus Christ?
  50. If not...ask me about Him. I'd love to chat
  51. I ENJOYED drawing blood :) Yup, a little vampire nurse
  52. But of course I'm a huge wuss with a needle phobia. Go figure
  53. LOVE musicals. All of em
  54. Huge Costco fan
  55. ...and I am a TJMaxxinista
  56. Naturally curly super dark brunette
  57. I do NOT dye my hair...
  58. yet.  When the gray hits hard, YES I will dye my hair!
  59. Sewing is my therapy
  60. Love to host parties
  61. Don't love house guests
  62. I'm a book girl. No kindle here
  63. Jane Austen? Yes
  64. Janet Evanovich? Yes
  65. Bluegrass worship music. Oh yes. I'm that nerdy
  66. I sing on worship team...
  67. mostly alto
  68. Owned and operated Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy since October 8, 2009
  69. I have three stinkin kids!
  70. Yes, they do stink sometimes
  71. all kids do, right?
  72. Firm Pacific NW gal
  73. Proof? We go to the waterslides...
  74. when it's raining and 63 degrees...
  75. and stay all day!
  76. tooooo much chevron patterned fabric in my house to count
  77. I eat soup year round
  78. Waves of the ocean calms me
  80. not joking!
  81. I took a test
  82. getting sick of writing lists about myself :)
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