Tuesday, January 29, 2008

They Are Multiplying...

So, ummm, yeah. I have SEVEN Coffee-mate Creamers in my fridge right now.


And I am the only one who drinks coffee at our house. I can explain... it is a tale of thriftyness and obsession.

First of all, I found that making boring brewed coffee with flavored creamer in it takes WAY less time than pulling 2 shots (OK, 4) and steaming milk for a daily AM mocha. Being that I am kinda busy in the morning with Jude, I needed to switch to brewed coffee.

My dear sister got me hooked on flavored creamers. Usually I am a boring French Vanilla kind of gal, but then Hazelnut caught my taste buds. A whole new world of flavors was opened to me.

Naturally, when fun seasonal flavors turn up in the dairy case I get excited.

I tried Pumpkin Spice hoping to mimic Starbucks autumny Pumpkin spice latte, but no go. I must admit that it was International Delight, not Coffee-mate...I know, how dare I shun my brand of choice... I hang my head in shame.

For Christmastime I tried Eggnog (one of the current seven), Gingerbread latte, and my favorite...Peppermint Mocha. As most people know, Peppermint Mochas are my Starbucks drink of choice. I spotted the holiday peppermint mocha creamer in Safeway, and looked at it with stars in my eyes and declared my undying devotion.

During the entire month of December, my heart beat a bit faster just walking by the dairy case. Would they run out of my beloved creamer? Would today be the last day it was available? What if they don't have it the next time I'm here? I started buying 2 at a time, thinking surely that it was the last time I'd see them and I'd better be stocked up.

So.... last week I walk in to Safeway, grocery list in hand, Jude in grocery cart. My creamers are in the entry-way dairy case ON SALE. No, wait... Not on SALE, on CLEARANCE. The axe has fallen my friends, the holiday season is officially over in the creamer world. They were $2.09 each, and they are regularly about 4 bucks each. Also, notice on the picture above the little extra 75 cent off coupons? Some creamers had one sticker and some had 2.

In total I bought 4 Peppermint Mocha creamers for a total of $3.86. Yes, that is super thrifty.

I also already had 2 creamers in the fridge from the last week I was in Safeway and stocked up, and the 1 Eggnog in the back that was being shunned (sorry to say NOT my favorite), so a total of seven creamers in the fridge.

My dear friend Maria came over Sunday night and opened the fridge door and bust out laughing. I HAD to explain why I had seven creamers lined up in the fridge.

Also, notice the Starbucks Peppermint Syrup next to the creamers? It is good. My sis gave it to me for Christmas.

Then, she gave me some more....

What? I'm not obsessed!



  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! My husband is in his first year of dental school, so we've got a ways to go. One of his favorite professors just moved to Seattle and is at the WU dental school now. His name is John Wataha...I think he's the head of something there, but I'm not sure. My husband spent a summer doing research with him before dental school. Small world.:)


    P.S. Great deal on the creamers! I wonder if you could freeze them? I freeze milk all the time, but I just found out this week that buttermilk definitely does not freeze well. I ended up dumping it down the drain, it was so nasty!

  2. I am dying with this creamer obsession! That is hilarious! And something that I run out of quite often so if you could just send one my way, that would be great!!!

  3. I did the SAME THING. I came across Peppermint Mocha...oooo, why do that not sell that all year...on clearance but there were only like 3 left. Curses.

    You scored, my friend. Jesus loves you.

  4. those creamers last FOREVER!! i've have one in my fridge since LONG before christmas!! my sister-in-law poured it in her drink the other day and i was relieved to see that there were NO green, moldy, 'floaties'. hey, even if you end up dumping a few, didn't it feel great to get a deal??!! you really are dutch! and i, of all people can appreciate that!!! :)


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