Friday, February 29, 2008

Favorite Find Friday : Car Care

How many of you have a dirty, dusty, grimy, gross car dash? We do.


Yesterday evening Mom and I were out running errands (aka going to Dairy Queen for PBP's). I had about 15 minutes to kill while waiting for Mom. So I sat and sang along with Sara Evans, watched people unload a moving truck...blah.

Then I remembered how dirty my windshield wipers in useless. So, I opened my glove box and pulled out this little powerhouse:

Oh yes, I luv to clean my car. Travel size multi-surface wipes are my friends.

First I used a wipe to clean my windshield wipers (FRONT AND BACK! Saying it just like Ross). The wipe was pretty grimy, so I grabbed another one and attacked all dashboard surfaces. My car was dirrrrty.


I also cleaned the rear view mirror and my side mirrors, because you can use them on glass & mirrors! See? Multi-surface. It's a beautiful thing.

I had a clean fresh car paired with new vanillaroma tree thingy.... I was proud of my accomplishment.

Mom got back in the car and I HAD to show her my hard work. Seriously, I turned on the overhead light and pointed out the grime on my used cleaning wipes. She was moved. I could tell.

AND...I could see out my windshield. It's nice to be safe driving at night while it's raining.

If only they made a wipe big enough for me to clean the OUTSIDE of my car.

But I'm not sure they would fit in my glove box.


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  1. "FRONT AND BACK!!!" ...Love the reference to Friends here!!! Next time we're together, you need to officially help me sign up for this blogging thing, okie dokie!?!
    Hearts and Stars,


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