Friday, February 15, 2008


I looked up the word klutz at because the little spell-check icon hasn't been working on blogger. Here is their definition:

1. a clumsy, awkward person.
2. a stupid or foolish person; blockhead

I am a HUGE klutz. Meaning the first definition. I don't think I am stupid or foolish, OR a blockhead, but a clumsy, awkward person? Uh huh.

I usually have a bunch of bruises of unknown origin. And just for the record, no, my husband doesn't hit me.

Lance looked at the multi-colored beauty by my knee..."where'd that one come from?". I don't know....the wall, the chair, the table, the coffee-table, the park bench that I slid off of yesterday morning on my run?

Wednesday morning I took Jude out in the stoller for a good run on the trail. I've been trying to keep my distance down because of my little issue, so only went a few miles.

I DO need to build up my leg strength so I ran to a bench to do some good leg step-ups (not sure what the official term is, but that's what I call em). I usually do 2 sets of 20 for each leg.

It was quite cold, and I was looking rather sporty chic in my cute workout pants/winter running top ensemble. See? New top! And ON SALE. ( They must be good, all they have left are extended sizes ).

Anyways, Jude was watching me from his stroller doing my step-ups when my foot slid off the edge of the bench and through the gap between the seat part and the back support part. I think I yelped, I'm not sure. I landed on my butt with my legs straddling the seat. I tried to get up at quickly as possible to save my 'I'm so cool in my outside workout gear' image. Unfortunately, a cyclist saw the whole thing and grinned as he sped past me. Ayyyyye.

Poor Jude, he just watched me, not really knowing what happened. Just you wait little one. Your Mama will probably embarrass you on an alarmingly frequent basis.

After all, I have a Mom who would publicly embarrass me just for kicks. She would see me walking with my friends in the mall and yell my name and do jumping jacks, while her sisters bust out laughing.

Gotta pass on the family traditions and values...


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  1. Oh, that is so something I would do. I have actually been standing straight up and fallen down, I am that bad.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words!


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