Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lofty Nutritional Goals

I have been one of those Mama's who vowed nutritional perfection for her offspring.

Have been. Past tense. As in NOT PRESENT tense.

Sure I was the devoted breastfeeding, home babyfood makin' Mama. I fully intend to do the same for future kiddos as well.

Today for lunch? Bubbalu snorfed down a whole packet of Easy Mac.

That's right. I admit it openly, Easy Mac. I luv this stuff. It is yummy, easy to make, and did I mention the cheese? Why does it taste so much better than the now outdated box with cheese powder packet? I cannot describe the allure of Easy Mac with enough kind words.

Bubbalu has become increasingly picky with his food. From what I read and have been told, it is perfectly normal for a 14 month old to do this.

Bubbalu had some catching up to do his first year of life. Being born extra small and coming home tipping the scales at 5 lbs meant a LOT of catch-up. He ate with a vigor I though not possible for such a tiny human. Holding him off on solids until 6 months was NOT easy. Still, I prevailed, and on his 6 month old b-day, rice cereal was offered. It was a hit. His look seemed to say, "Mama!? What IS this stuff? GIVE ME MORE." He ate most things I offered gladly, yet stayed at less than 10% (and sometimes 5%) body weight. At about a year he sailed to 45% and the parents rejoiced. He's normal. He's nourished. His brain is growing. We should get a medal.

Fast forward a month. Yes, staying at the 40ish % and eating picky. Hard to get used to.

I have to wonder: is it strange that my child has only eaten a total of 3 peas in the last week to satisfy his veggie quota? The fruit quota is met with applesauce and maybe the juice that was on the cut up mandarin slices that were spit out. And those dehydrated "toddler friendly" fruit in that baby isle? The look Grandma got from Bubbalu was, "lady, you have GOT to be kidding me".

My child ate Easy Mac for lunch. Spit out one dehydrated fruit morsel and sucked down some whole milk.

Alrightly then.



  1. I think we should re-enter "snorfed" into our everyday language. It's really just a GREAT word!

  2. Welcome to the "real moms" club. I've given up on the whole nutritional content as a necessity as well. don't get me wrong, my kids get their allotted fruits and veggies, protein & milk...just not in the way I had envisioned as a first time mom! As far as the picky eater thing...Caleb was always picky...he eats pretty good now. So..hope is at the end of the tunnel. He'll for sure grow out of that by 6! :)


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