Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barnes & Naked...

Bubbalu got naked at Barnes & Noble.

My Mom, sister, Bubbalu and I were hanging out at UVillage here in Seattle on lovely sunny Monday afternoon. We had our yummy Starbucks iced drinks in hand and were wandering around window shopping and having a good time. It was actually sunny. I KNOW!

Anyways, we headed over to Gap to check out the spring/summer clothing options for toddler boys. I was trying to find some cute brown sandals that would work for Bubbalu.

Lately he has had some claustrophobia of the feet. Basically, his feet get all hot and sweaty. Nice. I feel sorry for him, and being that I live in flip flops all spring and summer long, I CAN'T force him to have stifled toes.

These are my favorites:

And these :

And these were ADORABLE :

HOWEVER. We are having some major shoe problems over here. Bubbalu has ugly toes and feet. I say that lovingly. I have rather normal feet, the OTHER half of me has less than appealing feet. Bubbalu's toes are all scrunched up and jumbled like too many sardines smashed in a too small tin. Or a huge litter of piglets vying for their mama's milk.

THIS little piggie went to Uvillage, THIS little piggie went to Gap, THIS little piggie had Starbucks, and THIS little piggie had none...and THIS little piggie cried,"Why am I so ugly!?" all the way home.

I could not get the aforementioned cute flip flops between Bubbalu's scrunched toes. He was very willing to sit and let me try though. Very happy indeed.

While I had him in my lap, forcing flip flops between the ugly scrunched toes, I smelled something a little off. If you're a Mama, you do the very subtle 'pull back the waistband of the pants and take a whiff' thing.

I wish I hadn't done that.

So, off to the bathrooms at Gap...which didn't have a baby changing table. NO, I am NOT going to change him on the public bathroom floor, thank you.

We headed over to Barnes & Noble and went up the elevator to the family friendly bathroom. I assessed the destruction, and it was impressive. Remember those 'poop up the back' instances of babyhood? I thought I was done with those!

So, pull out the diapers and wipe. Yep, I said WIPE. As in single, not plural. I had a huge poop up the back to clean with one measly wipe.

That's why Bubbalu got a wet paper towel sponge bath in the bathroom at Barnes & Noble. Good thing my Mom and sister were there with me, cause I don't think it would have been as funny by myself.

Barnes & Noble, I apologize for the stench in the upstairs bathroom. And, thank you for keeping your paper towels well stocked. I am hoping to avoid this situation in the future, but I'm not making any promises.

Anyone else have this happen before?



  1. That is the funniest story I've heard in a while...that and the waxing email from Laura! Thanks for sharing and sing songing about the little piggies!

  2. I scared one of my pregnant lady friends with this horrors of this story yesterday. Although, I may have embellished it a tad.

  3. HaHaHa! I laugh only because I've been there too many times! My husband asks why I have to bring my ginormous diaper bag on the shortest trip out. We moms know that we continue to lug around the "stockroom" because of what happened the time we thought we could do without it!


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