Monday, May 5, 2008

Diaper Bombs...

What is with my child lately? Is there some evil diaper bomb plan that I don't know about? Why are there two onesies soaking in a bucket in my laundry room?

Bubbalu has already had two baths today. TWO. And it's only one in the afternoon. They were both necessary my friends, necessary. I wrote earlier about the latest diaper fiasco and like I said on that post, I thought I was done with all the diaper bombs/poop up the back episodes.

Apparently not.

I do want to spare you the details so as to not frighten off the non-parents out there, but seriously, I think an orange exploded in his diaper. Not a satsuma. Not a mandarin. A LARGE orange.

It's quite amazing really. Impressive. If there was a contest, he'd win first prize. We'd have the bumper sticker, 'My child is the diaper bomb champion'. I'm SO proud.
Good thing Lance was home both 'episodes'. After the second bomb, I yelled for help, and he replied, "I'm coming in for backup!".

We are an equal opportunity diaper changing household. We are both equally disgusted and offended by diaper changing, but we both pitch in and do the job. What about your house?

Well, at least for now I have a squeaky clean kid.

Until he wakes up from his nap...



  1. Offended by changing diapers? Oh puh-lease. :) Jk, I'd feel the same way if I had to clean that up everyday, but I would also add in some other choice phrases to the mix: throwing up; tossing my cookies; a tad bit perturbed; grinding of teeth; talking under breath; never had to wipe my dog's butt... you get the point. :)

  2. We have so had those days. I hate them.

  3. Up the back? I hate that!!!

  4. Love it! With my first (also a boy) we had so many diaper bombs. I can remember the multiple bath days like they were yesterday. With the new one, we haven't had many diaper bombs yet. She's still too little for the crazy, nasty ones yet.

    Hope tomorrow is not filled with poop!

  5. Eww...look what I have to look forward!

  6. I think my little guy could be close in the running for worst diapers. His big thing right now is trying to run.

    Sunday at the picnic he did a not so bad diaper. I laid back his stroller to use for a changing table and just as I had gotten the diaper off and was going in for the clean he flipped over and was trying to escape. I was screaming for help. My poor FIL was the first to hear me but he CANNOT stomach that stuff and ran.


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