Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where Have You Been???

What, didja miss me or something? I can't just take a week off without notice? Here's what I've been up to:

  • Worked my last 12 hour shift as a Labor and Delivery RN on Saturday

  • Ate a yummy tuna subway sandwich with olives, pickles, mustard, light lettuce, hold the tomato while driving up to our hometown Saturday night. (Hello! 5 bucks for a foot-long! ) And NO, I didn't eat the whole sandwich. What do you think I am, a glutton?

  • After Sunday morning church, put Bubbalu down for a nap. Cringed in embarrassment because a certain someone ripped a 2 foot section of wallpaper off Grandma's wall instead of taking a nap.

  • Got a mild sunburn while watching Bubbalu swim in his kiddy pool at Grandpa and Grandma's house and chatting with my newest sister and the rest of the fam. And when I say watching, I mean critical scrutinization, as Mama stupidly forgot the swim diapers at home ( hey! I packed AFTER working 12 hours, I'm lucky I remembered Bubbalu! ) and allowed the poop king to go commando under the swim trunks. Daring, I know. Flirting with disaster? Yes.

  • Laughed when Grandpa came out of the house with his swim trunks on and joined Bubbalu in the kiddy pool.

  • Started touring listed homes with my MIL while Lance has a business meeting all day Monday.

  • Monday afternoon I provided bridal support for my new sister-to-be as we braved le bridal shoppe. Gladly ate M & M's the entire way home. Women + wedding dress shopping + fabric store + chocolate = a perfect day.

  • Tuesday was the Great Tour Of Homes day. We viewed 18,000 homes and finally narrowed them down to our 2 faves. Managed to eat a lovely Caesar salad and steak dinner while watching American Idol. Fell into bed exhausted after collecting Bubbalu from my Mom, who was gracious to watch him all day long.

  • Wednesday, we went to the park and de-stressed a bit, Lance had more business meetings, had a lovely late Mother's Day dinner with my family, and we started writing an offer on our house that evening. Realize at 11 pm that we forgot to watch the American Idol finale, and look it up on Yahoo. Not exactly an exciting way to find out who won.

  • Early this morning we met with our bank person, and our agent is presenting our offer in a few minutes.

See? We've been BUSY! We are quite tired, but realize we are blessed. I'll try to get back into bloggyland soon!

Miss you...



  1. That sounds awesome. You made me want women and M & M's. Oh well, I'll have the candy now and women later for my hike. LOL!!!

  2. Oh my are truly the brave one to let him go commando in the pool! I would've been on edge the whole time too, just waiting for the untimely poop. :)

  3. I guess I'm the only glutton here since I usually eat the whole footlong Subway sandwich ;) So sad you're leaving :( Why do you have to go? Oh, almost forgot, you have a family complete with husband and kiddo. I have one of those too. Still need to have you & the husband & the kiddo over...

  4. So, did they take your offer? I'm just now catching up...


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