Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let The Holidays Commence...

Remember THIS post? My obsession with all that is peppermint mocha?

Yep, it's that time of year again, and guess what my lovely Mom including in a bed rest care basket for me?

Oh yeah baby! NOW the holiday season can officially begin.

And before you get all "it's not even Thanksgiving!" snarky on me, please keep in mind our holiday season will be a bit stressful for us this year.

Actually, my Mom-in-law pointed out that our last 2 Christmas seasons have been extremely stressful for us.

Last year we unexpectedly moved after our apartment flooded. The year before that we were going through with Bubbalu exactly what we are going through with baby girl now. Bed rest due to pre-eclampsia then having an early delivery. Oh yeah, and we have a snowy destination wedding for our brother and new sister-in-law 9 days before Christmas to throw into the mix.

But you know what?

I still love the Christmas season despite the last few years of Christmas chaos.

Remember the reason for the season, folks. Apart from that, not much else matters.

So, we are fully embracing an early jump on things with the majority of our gifts purchased and wrapped, lights up on the house (although we won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving), Christmas music playing throughout the house and 2 trees up above our door for seasonal effect.

Bubbalu desperately wanted to help Daddy put the trees up, but Mama quickly put the kibosh on that plan...

That boy is WAY to eager to climb tall dangerous things. Like father like son. Lance was incredibly thrilled to purchase a ladder. I love my nerdy husband.

Well? What about you? Ready for the season?

I'm off to put my feet up before I get yelled at...



  1. Looooooooooove me some peppermint mocha creamer. And our husbands would so get along.

  2. oh, and I have to ask, what church did you go to when you were in dental school?

  3. I am so ready to put up decorations! I think I may start tomorrow. The hubby might not be too thrilled though... ;-)

  4. Peppermint Mocha sounds divine.

    Now go put your feet up and cook that baby as long as possible!

  5. I wouls be willing to make you a cute christmas heading for free! let me know!

  6. Hopped over to visit after seeing your GROSS comment about my Morbid Mondays. HOw could you, a nurse, not see the educational impact my MM entry has? :)

    People NEED to be forwarned about these types of things!! (and it's fun to gross everyone out!!)

    Love the ladder pic!



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