Friday, February 13, 2009

Wallyworld Picks Episode 3...

As many of my longer term readers know, I love to browse for clothing...actually And I also don't mind posting what I've found because why not spread the shopping joy around? I am thrifty and practical at heart, but also love some frillyness and fun.

In light of the HORRIBLE!!! CRASHING!!! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!! economy that we are all SO very aware of (thank you newspeoples, we are sufficiently freaked out already, let's just have some happy stories for today, k?) we are keeping things on a budget today.

Wallyworld is one of my online faves so here we go...

As you all either know from firsthand experience or have heard, your body changes a wee bit after having a baby...or two. And yes, I can testify to the truth in that statement. I would say these changes are ones I can live with...some good, some not so good.

Either way, I'll work with what I've got because I am not a member of the Free Annual Plastic Surgery Club. And if you have THAT little membership card tucked into your back pocket, please let me know how I can become a member. Well, maybe not, I'm not a huge fan of pain. And I recently watched an E! True Hollywood Story on plastic surgery gone wrong so I'm a little freaked out about it.

ANYWAYS, enough blabbing, back to the point. At this point in my postpartum reshaping plan, I am only looking for tops that would look good with my JOPS.

What are JOPS?

I have a certain pair of jeans that I am eager to fit into again. They are my Jeans of Perfection Svelteness. I may or may not be fitting into them in the next oh 4-6ish months, but we'll see.

So here we go, tops for my JOPS that I would buy:

First off this lovely Sequin Trapeze Tank for only $10.00 in a midnight Blue:

and I am actually digging it in green:

Of course it would require a jacket or light sweater of some sort unless you have some sort of amazing internal heating element. It's still 36* here after all.

Next up a lovely Shirred V-Neck Jersey Top for $14.00:

And a gray Short Sleeve Pocket Cardigan for $20.00:

However it would require a long sleeved undershirt of some sort, so how about this Button Long-Sleeve Tee for only $3.00:

And this last top, which I am surprised I like, is the Cap-Sleeve Trompe L'Oeil Necklace Tee for $9.00:

Could someone please buy this for me? Really. It's a Juniors, so maybe a large. I think it's quite cute. In a 'I'm a funky Mom who wants a teeny bit of style but still want uber comfort' kind of look.

Of course it would look great with some shiny black stilettos and my JOPS. With some black chandelier earrings and the always posh accessory of a sweet baby girl who is just starting to smile at her Mama.

Oh wait! I already have those things! Now I just need the shirt.

I've got the black stiletto's waiting...



  1. Awesome finds, I love bargain fashion. I think that clearance racks are a girls best friend, who needs diamonds?

  2. My baby is almost 2 months, and while I'm back to my pre-preggo weight, I am NOT back to my shape! My hips are definitely wider and I'm in desperate need of some jeans.

    I don't want to get rid of the ones I have, in case I shrink up. I hope I can find a decent pair soon!

  3. LOVE shopping at Wal Mart. The tops are super cute! Though I have noticed that the ones in WA carry different (more stylish) things than the ones in the South. Boo. I'm ALL ABOUT internet shopping. Especially when you get get the free shipping to the store.

  4. I need you to fly to my house and stlye my after having 6 kids including a set of triplets PLEEEEEEEEAAAASE! Your taste is GREAT. I am SO jelouse.

  5. I love the green one (for you) b/c I like the color pop. (You know that my boobs would just look ginormous in it though) I love the purple shirt (remind you of mine???) obviously. You are such a great online shopper...I think you should take the risk and purchase!!!

  6. Those baby doll tops started to come back in style right after Shep was born/my tummy needed draping.

    Which was all the proof I needed that Jesus loves me.

  7. Wow! I seriously can't believe those things are from Wal-Mart! I am going to have to re-think my stance on Wal-Mart for sure, their online stuff is much better than a lot of what is in the store.

  8. I always forget about "Wallyworld" until you mention something about it. All cute choices, as usual. Don't be surprised if I show up wearing the same clothes as you someday ;)


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