Monday, March 30, 2009

Scrappy Silhouette Artwork...

Lil Chick's room had a bare wall that screamed for some character, some inspiration, something.

I also had two empty frames laying around. And with just a smidgen of scrapbook paper in my possession, as I've mentioned before, an idea was born.

And despite this project taking me a good 2ish weeks to complete (my husband might argue 3 -4 weeks but he is SUCH an over exaggerator) it should be a quick afternoon project.

Scrappy Silhouette Artwork:


1. Grab and coordinate a ton of scrapbook paper.

2. Download or draw your own silhouette. I chose the wren silhouette from Martha Stewart's website. I printed the silhouette directly onto my scrapbook paper after trimming the paper to printer size.

3. CAREFULLY cut the silhouette out and glue, photo stick or glue dot it to coordinating paper. I used the frame inside paper label as my template and glued directly onto it.

As you can see I chose to ignore the thin strip of paper between the wren's legs. My exacto knife has a rather dull blade...and I was just too lazy.

4. Embellish as you wish with coordinating scrapbook paper strips or whathaveyou.

I am now thinking a bit of shimmer on the birdies might be fun. But that might stretch my project out another month or two, and there's only so much my husband can take.

Enjoy and please post your crafty results!



  1. What an awesome idea, I love it!

  2. Great idea! I might use it to help decorate my nieces' room.


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