Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And The Bald Guy Is My New BFF...

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I didn't manage to get around to writing a post Tuesday night because I was busy scrubbing.

Usually, I am easily able to throw off housework in exchange for some good ole bloggy time, but this was a defining moment.

Folks, meet my new cleaning BFF:

And I know Jill has sung the praises of this baldy before, but really?!? I had no clue.

I opened the box, wet the boring looking sponge and started scrubbing.

I didn't stop scrubbing for TWO HOURS.

Remember the post when Bubbalu scrawled black ink all over my wood windowsill?

Those loop-de-loops are GONE.


However, the deep etched in marks are still there. The Magic Eraser definitely lightened them though. Any pen marks that weren't etched in are gone. Buh bye!

We purchased our new construction home last year. As in 2008. There were miscellaneous construction related scuffs, stains and drips scattered throughout the house:

A dark brown splotch on the laundry room floor. A black scratch dead center on the upstairs bathroom linoleum. An 8 inch red scrawl on the tile back splash. A mysterious black scuff on the base of the glass slider door that screamed, "Hi! I'm Mr. Black Scuff Mark...My owner can't figure out how to get rid of me, so I'm here to welcome you being that I'm the very first thing you see when walking into the family room!".

And Tuesday night? I silenced Mr. Black Scuff Mark FOREVER...and I made him take his friends with him!


This has NOT been a paid endorsement.


  1. Looooooooooooooooooooooove the magic eraser. I wish our costco sold them. I would buy them in bulk fo shizzle.

  2. The magic eraser is really "magic!" It's so awesome. I can't believe this is the first time you've used them. I don't know how I'd live w/o it! Another tip is if you ever happen to get a pen in your laundry use fingernail polish remover and magic eraser to wipe out your dryer. The pen comes right. Be sure to air it out though before running the dryer...there are a lot of fumes from the nail polish remover. How exciting to get rid of your black marks!!!

  3. I love the magic eraser too. It even got permanent marker off of my table once - lucky for my son. :)

  4. My sister introduced me to the Magic Eraser and I haven't looked back! I love it as well. It truly is magic!

  5. I cannot believe you have not met the bald man before! Oh, yes, he is every woman's best friend. I did the same thing when I got mine, my hubby watched me like I was crazy as I scrubbed and erasered every surface in the house. Congrats!

  6. These are so great, especially when you have kids LOL! I'm glad you found the bald man.

  7. Haha...they truely are amazing, aren't they? Did you happen to notice them when I posted about my newly white tub? :) Albertson's has the generic kind 10 for $ I stock up on them! :)

  8. They ARE fantastic!! Even my preteens enjoy using them to clean. Sometimes Home Depot has them in a huge package really cheap, I stock up whenever I see a deal on them.

  9. Love the pink!! It looks perfect.

    Um, yeah, Magic Eraser is really magical. Target has a cheaper store brand, too, fyi. Also, I noticed they leave a bit of a residue... I usually go after my scrubs with a wet cloth.

    Got the Starbucks card!!! That was such a surprise and a treat - THANK YOU!!!

  10. YES!!! I agree they are Magic. I open it and clean til it shreds.
    Loved having you comment on our Houston blog.
    Dolly's mom

  11. Oh yeah...magic eraser is a must have with toddlers! And husbands...and dogs! Love it!

  12. One of the greatest inventions EVAH!! Kind of makes you want to kiss that bald guy right on the mouth.

  13. I love Mr. Baldy! Although, NOW, my brand new house that we bought in July 2005, after being battered and rammed and colored by the 5 yr old and 3 yr old for multiple years, I think it just might need a new coat of paint.

  14. I don't know what they put in those erasers, but it's better than magic! We've been using them for about 5 years now and I'm always amazed. I was hooked after it took up a pen mark like it was a dry erase marker. Mal loves em too.

  15. Okay, I'm getting a little freaked out that I had never seen this post before and am realizing that I wrote almost the exact one, word for word. Crazy! Are we long lost sisters or something? :)


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