Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Which My Sander Comes In Handy...

As many a parent can attest, children will completely destroy your house. Do not buy expensive irreplaceable furnishings. Your progeny will jump on it, puke on it, throw it down the stairs, pee on it, kick it, throw it, burn it and so on.

We have officially experienced it firsthand.

We have had a gate in front of Bubbalu's doorway for a few months. He had been doing superb with staying in bed to sleep, so I STUPIDLY took it down. I thought he had matured into a sensible slumbering toddler. (Enter thematic appropriately suspenseful and foreshadowing music : Dum dum DUM...)

The evidence gallery:

Beautiful, no? And there's more:

He is a strong boy, my son. He etched into the wood as shown here:

I read somewhere that being able to draw loop-de-loops was a developmental milestone.

I am PLEASED as punch to announce that he has met this milestone:

I like the angle of this shot...very artistic:

Remember the post that talks about him getting up too early?

And wandering around the house unsupervised?

And why there is a sizable gate blocking his doorway?

Yeah, this is why.



  1. Nice work nephew! :-)

    On another note - I'm glad we don't have kids. You're not only awake but put up a completed blog post with pictures at 5:30 AM.

  2. Oh dear. Hope your sanders works. I remember doing that to my parents hallway and all the way down the stairs and into the livingroom - I wrote on the wall with black permanent market :) I guess everyone does something like this when they are little :)

  3. ok...
    you can smack me for saying this BUT.....someday you'll think it's cute. (i know, you just swore under your breath at me)
    here's the deal. when sam was about 3, he got a hold of a knife (after all, i didn't PADLOCK the drawer!!). we had just bought this wonderful black (again, what was i thinking?) dining room table and chair set. the first piece of nice furniture we ever bought. i was SO proud of it! well, wouldn't ya know it....sam thought since i liked it so much HE should leave his name on it!!!!!!!! it still makes my hair stand on end thinking about how mad i was!! when rye came home,about 3 hours later,i was waiting by the door (actually, i think i was standing in the driveway) STILL crying about it!!
    i told him, "i'm going out for a drink! this is the first time i'm going to the bar ALONE. if i don't come home tonight, don't worry about me, just assume that i went to find another, more RESPECTFUL 3 year old to call my own. i'm 'cashing' this one in!!" well, after driving around for about 2 hours (i never did hit the bar...that would be just plain pathetic!!) i was able to put it into perspective. (odviously not..since i'm STILL talking about it!!) i just remember sam standing by the back door, waiting for me. "i'm sorry mommy" were his exact words. i'm sure daddy & him had some words. :)
    that black table has now been moved upstairs, for the boys to play Lego on. while dusting it awhile back, i saw the scratches and remembered, somewhat fondly, that it's only stuff. i'm glad i didn't cash him in. he's a keeper. i have to say, he's my most creative,artistic son. i guess it's true what they say about getting them started early! :) so dear Vintage Dutch Girl....after you find the humor in all this, hug him and remember that someday you'll be wishing he's was this age again. if not for a small-feating moment....

    now that i wrote down the whole story, i'm going to need to post this on my blog! :)

    oh, just had a idea....find stain at the hardware store that matches the woodwork and stain it out. you'll still see the lines but they won't be near as odvious. i only know this because i just covered up some scratches on my 'new' dining table. go figure. :)

  4. I am soo crying for you right now! I'm so sorry :(


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