Monday, June 29, 2009

Lord of the Dance in the Poo...

We had our first major Potty Training "incident" this weekend.

Lord of the Dance in the Poo. Yes, that would be poo on the floor...danced in.

Actually, this happened twice.

I totally deserved it. Here I was, gloating over how fortunate we were to have a 2.5 year old boy who always poops in the toilet. No cajoling, bribing or trickery necessary, he was a natural potty chair user. And as I have defined before, he is NOT potty trained, he is in Stage 2 - Potty Intermediance.

Never gloat during potty training. NEVER. It's apt to rebound and smack ya.

Bubbalu has figured how to get off the toilet by himself. While many parents would consider it normal for children to get on and off the potty by themselves, I am (was) thrilled to beans that he couldn't voluntarily leave the potty premises. I would set him up with books and cars and even a sippy cup because I'm nice like that.

However, he figured it out. He slid off the potty and stood in the hallway peeking around the corner at me as I cooked dinner.

When I noticed him I went to help him back on the toilet and almost stepped in a huge pile of poo.


And yes, he had walked around in it probably kind of confused as to what it was doing there in the first place. I stood there wondering if I was hallucinating or if there really was a huge pile of poo on the floor mocking me.

Lance was home so we tag teamed. He took Bubbalu and hosed him off in the shower and I was left with the poo cleanup. It's one of those parenting moments where you stand there wringing your hands, not quite sure where to start, and briefly fantasize about running away for a few hours (days).

In the end, anti-bacterial wipes, mopping and re-mopping for good measure took care of the mess.

Good thing I figured out the best poo clean-up method, because when it happened again two days later I barely freaked out.

I told my parents the story and my dad says, "gives new meaning to the three second rule, doesn't it?"

I dropped some chocolate chips on the floor yesterday (hey now, don't judge my chocolate chip consumption) and I almost almost bent to pick them up and eat them.

Then I recalled the poo incidents and decided to let them be.

Hmmm, this potty training thing may be good for my diet...



  1. Oh I feel for you! Don'tcha just hate those moments when you know you HAVE to clean it up but would almost rather die cuz it's just SOOOO GROSS!!! Just remind yourself that in your life you will only deal with a certain number of gross things and you just got two of the worst ones out of the way! I wish you good potty training luck from here on out :)

  2. That boy is a natural at making poo-messes everywhere! I have never seen so much poo in places it wasn't meant to be until I met him. Although it might make you feel better to know that a certain little brother of mine (SHANE...cough!) pooped in my bedroom corner on my brand new carpet back at the old house! I never forgave him for it! I wonder what the new owners would think if they knew... :)

  3. this potty training thing might be good for your hand-eye coordination, too. :) great post. i laughed. i cried. i loved it!

  4. HA HA HA!!! I just saw a glimpse into my future and it made me laugh and almost cry at the same time. Probably will depend on the day, he, he. Three second rule - so funny. And! Chocolate chip diet?! We are sista's from anotha motha!

  5. You are a great writer! Hilarious!


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