Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mass Coverage And Focused Removal...

The other day I had to make an emergency last minute trip to Rite-Aid to buy more carpet cleaner.

I was NOT thrilled.

I ended up buying a deep stain remover as well as a heavy traffic entire room cleaner.

Uh huh. I was looking for mass coverage as well as focused removal.

Sounds delightful, no?

Followers of my blog will most definitely assume the culprit was the poo-on-the-floor 31.8 lb toddler, but no.

The offspring have joined forces against their mighty foe. Let's just say leaving a naked eight month old poo-factory alone for just a smidgen too long on the carpet to 'air out' isn't such a grand idea.

In my defense, I did have her on an absorbent pad and all...she just rolled off of it...cause she's smart like that.

Then she proceeded to roll around IN it and made quick work of spreading the 'wealth' to all corners of the nation. I'm pretty sure this was a joint collaboration between my two Poo Soldiers to see how frustrated they could make their Mama.

It worked rather well.

I'm gonna need a new battle plan...



  1. HAHAHAHAHA . . . the *only* reason I'm laughing is because I so know what you're going through ;) Here's a hug :)

  2. Little LADY!!!! She's just too mobile for her own good sometimes!

  3. At least she didn't try to eat it (I had that experience many years ago). Fortunately, my mother-in-law was visiting and could help me!
    We still laugh about that 26 years later.

  4. I've been there. It's not fun. We'll all probably look back when they're older... much older... and laugh!

  5. At least she isn't crawling all over the place like Skyler was at that age. I CAN'T put that boy on the floor naked b/c there will be bodily fluids everywhere. Happens everytime!

  6. EW!!!

    Not anywhere near as gross but Adelaide made off with the jug of Simply Orange and spilled it ALL over their rug. I ended up getting a steam cleaner. Like, the vacuum version. Figured it'd come in handy over the years - an investment, if you will. :)

  7. OH NO! (you gotta say it like Phoebe from Friends). Unexpected messes are never fun. ESPECIALLY the gross, icky poo kind.

  8. I recently had one Poo Soldier take off her diaper and the other two Poo Soldiers proceeded to joine in the WWIII battle of Poo Nation...gag!

    It was EVERWHERE!!!!!! Needless to say the carpet cleaners arrived the next day because no emergency trip to rite aid would have conquered that mess.



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