Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your Scrappy Silhouette Artwork Is Making Me Hungry For Some Guacamole...

I was out Saturday morning garage sale shopping with my sister a few weekends ago. (It is absolutely shocking how much a two hour, $7.80 garage sale run will therapize me.) We hit up a decently priced sale full of potential. I grabbed a HUGE matted frame (that will soon find itself spray painted, of course) for 2 bucks and another smaller wooden frame with a itty bitty 10 cent price tag.

I brought them up to pay for both where the garage sale CEO waved away my dime for the smaller frame. "Just take it, please!".

(My heart fluttered with thrifty happiness. Not even joking.)

Guess what happened when I got home?

That's right. Prime and spray paint baby!

Agonizingly waited for drying time, then used this template , courtesy of Ms. Martha, and once again made free scrapbooky silhouette "artwork":

Wally the whale and his lime and avocado inspired frame got hung by a lovely chocolate brown ribbon to sass up the kids bathroom:

(No, it is NOT hung that unevenly. Really. I love my level. So pardon the, uh, shoddy picture taking skillz...I seriously fell into the tub after snapping that shot.)

My lovely sister in law, Megan, challenged her blog readers to a see what project they could do for 99 cents. Well Megs, looks like I one upped you.



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  1. you mean free aside from the primer, spray paint, fabric scraps, and chocolate brown ribbon? (oh, and level?) ;-)

  2. Jason, I had everything on hand from leftover projects so still FREE! No new spending required!

  3. Um, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't you say the frame cost you $2??? Regardless, very cute and I am mucho proud!!!!

  4. No Megs, a different much larger frame cost $2, this one was FREEEEE!!!

  5. Very creative , but of course I would expect nothing less from you. I bet when you used to work L&D your Mommies left the L&D suite all decoupaged, collaged, and dipping in ribbon witha a baby in their arms wrapped in an afgan. ROTFL I am just kidding. You know I am one of your #1 fans!

    WAY TO GO. I wish I had an ounce of your talent

  6. You're awesome.
    That is all.

  7. Loving Wally! And congrats on your lucky shopping day:)

  8. love the green frame & cute art piece!

    i host a goodwill party every week, stop by & link up!

  9. It looks great! That is the cutest whale I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I must say... After Megan directed me to your blog I have officially purchased my first can of spray paint... wish me luck!


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