Friday, January 15, 2010

Destructo Boy Makes His THIRD Appearance...

(Written last night)

Completion of dinner preparation thwarted by toddler (soon to be officially renamed Destructo Boy) performing a tagging of the house with a foolishly unguarded glue stick. At least it wasn't a sharpie this time around.

He hit the dining room, stairs and stairwell and once again, the office. What is WITH the office that is so enticing to him? At least he left the computer screen alone this time.

Funny thing was, I was listening to Duffy's song. 'Mercy'

"I'm begging you for Mercy! Why don't you release me? You got me beggin, You got me beggin, You got me beggin! For Mercy!"

Yeah, I'd say that's pretty applicable for how I'm feeling right about now.

C'mon Bubbalu. Give Mama a break, huh?



  1. Would you consider adding some glitter to that glue? He might just be following in the footsteps of his Mama, and giving the house a little more sassification!

    (But seriously, I sooo understand. Yikes.)

  2. Destructo boy sounds like a super hero. Does he have a cape?:)


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