Monday, January 11, 2010

Destructo Boy Strikes Again...

On Saturday mornings we try to sleep in.

Usually this means we get up at 6:45 instead of 6:40.

Our 34.2 lb "alarm clock" usually wakes us up.

Last Saturday our alarm clock woke up at SIX.

Um, NO. Back to bed you go.

Bubbalu wasn't too thrilled at being put back to bed and wandered downstairs whilst Mama and Papa tried to sleep in.

I was dozing and could hear him rummaging around with his train set. After a good while it got quiet.


The TOO QUIET is NEVER good with young children.

It's the TOO QUIET that makes you sprint down the stairs to find out what's going on.

This time the TOO QUIET was:



and (look closely, window AND windowsil) :

and more window and windowsil:



Oh yeah, and I forgot, the pièce de résistance:

Kinda ironic that I'm googling "how to remove sharpie" and reading the hints and tips THROUGH a sharpie scrawled screen.

Surprisingly, the computer screen was the easiest thing to clean. How I did it? A pencil eraser. It erased the sharpie RIGHT OFF. I was astounded, but very relieved that my computer screen wasn't permanently damaged. Oh, and when I picked up my camera to take a picture of the sharpie-marked room and turned it on, sure enough, he'd gotten the back display too. Pencil eraser once again to the rescue.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser got most of the sharpie off the computer, mouse, printer, exersaucer (didn't take a picture of those) , camera, window and windowsil. If you remember, this isn't the first time Bubbalu has marked the windowsil.

No, I never did get around the sanding it down and refinishing it the first time around. Good thing because I would have been that much more if that's even possible.

Took me only an hour to laugh about it all. Lance smiled right away.

It was one of those JUST CHOOSE JOY moments. This time it took me an hour. I'm working on shortening the time distance between THE EVENT to THE JOY.

I think this may be a life-long journey, this CHOOSING JOY business...



  1. About here's the time Mom chimes in with "And now it's your turn" or "Remember the closet moldings downstairs?" ;-) I'm glad you can smile about it - Sallie and I say "It's just stuff" to each-other a lot, and we don't have any imps helping.

  2. Once my son did that to my babysitters 50+ in TV... I was so freaked out... But rubbing alcohol got it off.. And when they have done it at home, if the Mr. Clean Eraser didn't help - the rubbing alcohol always did... :)

  3. All I can say is "Bless your heart." I am also glad to know how to get sharpie off a computer screen. I will tuck away that nugget of information.

  4. Oh girl, you are so good. I would have absolutely lost it. I might still be crying about it. Fortunately, my good-natured husband would have had the presence of mind to google how to get sharpie off. :)

  5. Oh no! Glad it all came clean. Funny that pencil eraser got the marker off so well! I used rubbing alcohol to get pencil off my screen. Heh. :) Now I know!! (After rubbing alcohol, I was going to suggest spray paint... :)

  6. Yeah I'm thinkin' an hour is pretty impressive Amanda! I would have probably still been upset an hour after getting it all OFF! Your little Bubbalu keeps you on your toes huh!? What a cutie though! :) Might not have been his first time, but I hope for your sake it's his last!! --Brandi

  7. Okay Amanda - I couldn't stop laughing when I read this! I thought "Oh that's HILARIOUS!" Then Nells discovered my dry erase markers. And went to town. At least they weren't sharpies! :)

  8. We had a tiny sharpie incident too. I need to get a Magic Eraser again.

  9. oh my! That is a lot of home decor going on right there.

  10. Funny . . .
    FYI, if any of the sharpie is still on, on a lot of surfaces you can color over it with a dry erase marker, and then erase it with the dry erase eraser! (Found that out when my son colored on the dry erase board and wall at my kids' school!)

  11. I remember telling my stepmom how mature my first was handling the addition of his baby brother. We both look over and he's highlighted his brother's face in green, pink and orange highlighter.

  12. Oh, toothpaste works wonders on Sharpie =)

  13. I remember when my little girl did this to the entry way walls of our house. White, flat paint with black sharpie drawings long before the days of Mr. Eraser. We never did get it off. I guess it stayed there till we moved.

  14. I have gone through that twice with my daughter... She had it on the carpet, her walls, toy box, dresser, hardwood floors, livingroom walls, hallway walls, toys, and her brothers toys


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