Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Phanty III...

If you are an elephant you might want to think twice about living in my house.

Poor Phanty. Poor poor Phanty.

He just can't catch a break.

Or rather, he keeps catching too many breaks.

That's right, Phanty got the ole Bubbalu treatment (AGAIN!) and has now been lovingly recreated (AGAIN!) by Moi.

I'm going to just choose the glass half full perspective (yes, it IS a choice) and just say this:

Phanty got a makeover!!! SURPRISE!!!

At least someone in this house should have a makeover. Why not an elephant?

Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Phanty III :

Elmer has been altogether ignored. Bubbalu seems to fancy Phanty. (Fancy Phanty...say that 10 times fast. *snicker*)

But watch out Elmer, he may get you next!


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