Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Phanty Had An Accident...

Elephants are endangered in our house.

Remember my oh-so-crafty and colorful elephant scrappy silhouette project for Bubbalu's room? They turned out super cute and adorable while adding a bit of whimsy and spunk to his boring cave of a bedroom:

Elmer and Phanty were the perfect pair; a match made in scrapbook heaven, if you will. They enjoyed their mundane yet satisfying life squirting water from their trunks day in and day out.

Sunday afternoon I took a nap. I know, I KNOW, I don't nap. Yet this going on two week sinus infection is kicking my butt, so I actually decided to try and take care of myself and rest a bit. Not that it really worked, being that I'm starting antibiotics today, but whatever.

Anywho. Lance and his brother Shane were downstairs playing Carcassonne and having a grand and very focused time. Bubbalu was upstairs in his room supposedly napping. He is stuck in his room thanks to a gate across the doorway, enforcing the "I don't care if you actually sleep, but you MUST be in your room for at LEAST 2 hours of quiet play time" rule. Also known as the "how Mommy keeps sane" rule.

Bubbalu had his door open during his nap/quiet time, and the menfolk kept saying to each other that they couldn't figure out what Bubbalu was playing with that kept making such funny noises.

What would YOU do in this situation?

Me? I'd probably go and SEE FOR MYSELF what was going on. Ya know, check on the toddler who has a history of pooing on the floor and dancing in it , destroying a bathroom in under 5 minutes and kindly decorating the woodwork with ink pens? Yeah. That toddler.

I'm awakened two hours later by my husband yelling at me to provide First Aid to my injured child and check him over for more cuts or embedded glass.

What a LOVELY way to wake up from a deep slumber.

Bubbalu had managed to knock Phanty off the wall, smash the glass in the frame and then play with it for a good hour or so. This is all that is left of poor mangled Phanty:

Thankfully, Bubbalu sustained only a few small cuts and hopefully a lesson learned:

Mama on the other hand is still trying to calm her racing heart and convince the adrenaline that really now, the crisis is OVER and she would be glad to see it go now, if you please.



  1. And the poor child feels NO pain!!! Crazy boy! At least it was minor cuts!

  2. Yea, but Carcassonne is a pretty cool game...


  3. Did we marry the same man? Oh no? They're just all that stupid? Got it.

    Yeah, I would have checked right away too.

  4. Girl! You are very blessed that his gate keeps him contained. Luke figured out how to unlatch his gate within a week of it being up. He was around 19-20 months! There have been some very early mornings. I hope you feel better soon! Sinus infections are awful.

  5. I have given up on decorating my kids' rooms until they are old enough to do it themselves! They have successfully destroyed everything I have ever hung in their rooms when they were "napping." At least you got a nap!

  6. I'm so glad Bubbaloo is OK. Did the husband get a talking to about checking on boy a little more often, especially when weird noises are coming from his room?!


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