Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Green Lace Trimmed T-Shirt...

I have a bag of brand new Old Navy T-shirts just waiting to be sassified. I've actually had that bag for a good month now and just this morning FINALLY got around to attacking one.

It felt GREAT to be back to my sewing machine. I took a sewing holiday for awhile, but am feeling the sewing twitchies coming back full force! If only I had a clean sewing room in which to fulfill my sewing creations...looks like I found my Saturday clean-up project.

Anywho, I grabbed a lovely spring green T-shirt and give it some good ole Vintage Dutch Girl lace-trimmed t-shirt action. I love how it turned out:

This is NOT your Grandma's lace collar shirt!

You can find this springy green t-shirt listed this in the Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy Shop, hopefully more to come soon.

You know, after I clean up, purge and organize my sewing/crafting room... OY.


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