Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy BEIGE Bloggy Break...

Well lookey there, took another bloggy break. Mama's been busy.

Busy painting some walls. Now, don't get all excited about a special color or anything, it's BEIGE. Boring boring BEIGE. I had to paint over the ugly non-flattering brown-red sludge that the "interior designer" picked for our home when it was built. It made the woodwork look orange. Not just a tinge of orange, but IN YOUR FACE orange. I was o-so-happy to get rid of it. Even if it was to paint it BEIGE. Had to make the room ready for our new chocolate brown sectional couch. The family room is coming together nicely. Except for all the BEIGE.

Can you tell I'm not a huge fan of the BEIGE? But it's worlds better than the sludge.

Busy feeding the children. Because they are food disposal professionals. They HAVE to be going through growth spurts because this is crazyness.

Busy cleaning and organizing the home front. Yep, unpleasant, but someone's gotta do it.

Busy building some gates for our yard. You know, a child backyard containment assistance device. The hubby and I have been having fun doing some carpentry. Power tools make me smile. I've got a bunch of projects on my list.

Busy getting the boy allergy tested. Let's just say skin pricking tests aren't Bubbalu's most favorite pastime. Mama and Bubbalu were both exhausted after that appointment. Starting to wonder what shenanigans Bubbalu will be getting into once he's healthier. Note to self: Hide the sharpies in a better location.

Busy helping Bubbalu and Lil Chick make my sister Sallie a birthday video. Not your average Birthday song, but oh well...

OK. The bloggy break is now over, nice to see your lovely faces again...


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  1. When we took Grace for allergy testing she told the nurse she didn't like her very much. When we took Elliot it was soon after we had taken Grace and she attempted to pull the nurse away from Elliot Screaming at the top of her lungs you may not hurt my brother you mean lady. Oh the joys of motherhood are endless:)


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