Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Plunger and I Are Going to Be VERY Good Friends...

No no, not because I have malfunctioning bowels. Besides, do you really think I'd BLOG about having intestinal issues? Goodness gracious. That's just disgusting.


Destructo Boy has been VERY busy this week.

That, combined with Lil Chick's new found love of dancing on top of the dining room table while screeching her little lungs out has greatly affected my frequency of blogging.

Oh, you noticed I've been a bit absent?

I'd love to stay and chat but I've got to go and figure out how to get a flushed blue flute mouthpiece out of the toilet.

I'm going to hope that the plunger works some miracle flush-reversal for me.

But you can bet on one thing: If I DO manage to unflush that flute mouthpiece you won't catch ME playing that flute EVER AGAIN.


Also, I need to pick the remainder of my wall decal off the wall. And yes, that'd be because Destructo Boy thought it would be fun to peel a few necessary pieces off first.

Come to think of it, I haven't found all the parts he peeled off the wall. Wonder if he flushed them too?

Off to plunge...


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  1. Levi is terrible about putting stuff in the toilet right now too, and more often than not the other kiddos forget to flush (and it's not just pee in there!). I just send it through the dishwasher using the sanitize cycle!

  2. I imagine Kyle and Levi are into the same things Michelle! Kyle is all about the toilet too, argghh! Good luck, my dear with plunging...been there, done that, ripped up the whole toilet becuase of a toy....


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