Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vacuuming My Driveway and Destroying Vanity...

I just got finished vacuuming my driveway. I am now not only known as the Mama whose little boy uses the rhododendron bush in the front yard as a convenient urinal but the crazy lady who vacuums her driveway.

Although, one of my neighbors is a crazy cleaning lady. She washes her windows weekly. Her outside windows. Her outside GARAGE windows.  I'd be impressed if I wasn't so jealous of her mad scrubbing skillz.

I hope she saw me vacuuming my driveway. I hope she was impressed. That's right neighbor lady, I've stepped it up!

WHY was I vacuuming my driveway? OK, it's kind of a story. Keep reading:

Last week I headed into our local thrift store. After throwing the ugly mangly little kid chair into my shopping cart I wheeled right to my favorite section: Furniture.

Right away I spotted an ADORABLE little girl's vintage white dressing vanity and mirror. The paint was perfectly chippy and the mirror had a lovely curve and charming aged appeal.


It was labeled $40 and I snatched that purchase sticker and clutched it to my chest, already dreaming of the many hours my Lil Chick would spend sitting by her pretty vintage dressing table playing dress up and being all girly and such.

I called my Mom (who lives really close) and said, "IfoundthisawesomebeautifulvanitytableforLilChickandIneedfortydollarscashcanubehereinten???"

Thankfully she understands a good find and said she was coming.

I continued shopping while I waited.....until the store director came to tell me that unfortunately someone had already purchased the vintage vanity the day before and that it was mistagged.

*(heart breaking)*

Fast forward a few days and a bunch of phone calls later from a nice lady in our church asking me if I was the one at the thrift store wanting to purchase the vintage white vanity and that she insisted that I should really have it. SO nice. REALLY nice.

I went to pick up the sweet vintage vanity today and smiled when I saw it sitting there.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL. I'm here to take you home, test you for lead, possibly refinish and repaint you, give you crystal cut knobs and a sweet little girl will spend hours and hours by you playing dress us and being all girly and such.

Finally loaded it and a few other treasures into the back of Lola and headed home. Pulled into the garage, randomly hit the automatic open back hatch button and opened Bubbalu's door to take him out.


I screamed. Then cried. Then mentally groped for the rewind button on that dang life remote that is always lost.

Got the kids set up with a movie inside and sadly threw the biggest chunks in the garbage and vacuumed up the rest of the shattered pieces of a perfectly aged, bevel cut, vintage, curved mirror from our garage floor and driveway.

(Enter a poignant paragraph on the ironic circumstances of the vanity of decorating a little girls room that has led to destruction of a little girls vanity table.)

Being that I need to replace that shattered mirror, anyone know of a great, inexpensive mirror cutter?



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  1. Aww...that's SAD! I feel your pain!

  2. I broke the glass in a picture frame awhile back and the great guys at Lyndale Glass were able to cut a new piece for me the same day. Do they do mirrors too? I'm not sure. You should call them. They were pretty inexpensive too.
    Your neighbor washes her outside windows every week? Sheesh, I can't remember the last time my inside windows were done. She should be impressed at your driveway vacuuming.
    Cute vanity... can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  3. Oooh! I'm hurting right along with you. I've been hunting for that rewind button myself lately! But take heart, I broke the glass piece in a coffee table once, and it was really easy to replace. If I recall correctly it was just the local hardware store, or maybe Lowes that fixed it for me.

  4. Ohhhhhh, I'm so sorry! My heart woulda dropped along with it! :(

    Would a blog award make you feel better? ;-) I came here to award you with the "One Lovely Blog" award, b/c you inspire me!

    Please visit this link for the details! :)

  5. First time to visit and found you through Chrystal's blog. I have to say.... I know this is heartbreaking to break your treasure, but I thoroughly ENJOYED reading the story. LOL


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