Friday, October 15, 2010

Christmas Etsy Shopping...

While at Costco yesterday with my Sister we did a bunch of Christmas shopping.

Yes, I know, the idea of Christmas shopping makes some of you physically ill, but think how lovely it would be to have ALL of your shopping done (and wrapped!) before December hits! Then you would be free to attend every and all holiday shindig and allow yourself to snack on every bit of peppermint bark, holiday fudge and peanut butter bon bons that you can find.

Not sure why I translate having shopping done with the freedom to eat snacks, but whatever. I may be a bit hungry for breakfast and am trying to distract myself from the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen. (Yes, I've had them for breakfast before. No, this hasn't worked to distract me. If anything, now I want them even more.)

OK, back to shopping.

There's some new stuff going on in the Vintage Dutch Girl Etsy shop.

Have you considered a handmade Christmas gift for your girlfriends, Mom, Sister or daughter?

How about a sassy gold flower headband?

Or maybe a chic houndstooth flower pin?

And the ON SALE Pink Plaid Flannel Ruffle Scarf. I have one of these just for me and I love it:

Don't see a particular color you wanted? No problem, I love doing custom orders! Just contact me and we can chat.

That's it for now but stay tuned for more Vintage Dutch Girl ETSY shop updates and think again how nice it will be to have all your shopping done early!


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  1. Would it be weird if I bought one and you got it as a gift? :) Juuuust kidding.


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