Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Retro Polka Dot Apron...

I have a THING for the red and teal/aqua color combo....and I have a THING for polka dots....and I have a THING for ruffles...and I have a THING for fabric flowers...and I have a THING for retro inspired clothing.

Put all those together and you get:

Yup! Finally finished my apron that I started back on Sassy Apron Sewing Sister (errr) Day!

I am in love. I may have to wear it non stop for the next few weeks. Praise team Sunday will be interesting. Doesn't really help with the whole, "keep attention off yourself" mantra that I try to repeat when choosing my outfit on those Sundays.

But I can wear it when driving to church!

Now THESE are what I call ruffles:

Fabric flowers? Yes please:

Now, to figure out what to actually COOK for dinner while wearing my sassy retro apron...


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  1. Um yeah, I am pretty sure I NEED this :) I am throwing a turquoise and red vintage circus party for my sons first birthday! Gotta match, right!? Very cute :)

  2. Love this!!!! I really want to see what is going to go into the etsy shop.......will for sure buy one!

  3. Love, love, love that apron! Oh my goodness... so cute. My poor hubby would probably leave me if I bought another apron.

    Did I mention that I kind of like it? Yep. I approve. :)

  4. Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! have I metioned that my kitchen is red and my living room wall is turquoise?!? That apron matches PERFECTLY!!! I want one, how much??

  5. You're killing me!! Such cuteness! It would match my NEW RED MIXER!!! :-)

  6. Super adorable & definitely screaming that it needs to be worn out to show off its utter cuteness - you are so clever!! Wish I had an ounce of our craftiness - I love this!!

  7. Now THAT is one LOVELY apron---I wouldn't even mind stepping foot in the kitchen if I could wear such a cute piece of heaven! :) ♥ ENJOY!!

  8. I just gasped out loud!!! That is DARLING!!!

  9. Are you going to make any in little girl sizes for your shop?


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