Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Perfect "I'm A Mommy" Swimsuit...with SASS...

Last week I broke an 18 year run and purchased a one piece swimsuit.

Don't get me wrong.

It's not yo mamma's average tank.

It's got some SASS:

I needed a Mommy-suit. You know, a swimsuit that I can wear while performing a herculean life-saving lunge towards my non life vested two year old who is tap dancing at the edge of the 12 foot deep pool and not worrying that lady parts are falling out of place. This is not your "lay out and get as many parts of your body nicely bronzed as possible" suit. This swimswuit needs to FUNCTION folks. It has a JOB.

Job Definition: Let Mommy be attentive to progeny while being appropriately covered.

But I want to look cute.

Remember the Retro swimsuit post from Feb 2010? NO? Ok, read it in full here.

I am a proud new owner of the Jantzen Vamp swimsuit. AWESOME, flattering Mommy suit. Also, very pleased to report that I found it at a great price at our local TJmaxx. About 1/4 of current new prices. (I got a Dutch shopping high!)

I also found this TRULY retro nautical inspired vintage swimsuit/dress that I listed for sale in my Etsy:

It makes me think of beach diva models that were completely covered up but still maintained their femininity. These retro-inspired suits are a welcome silhouette and style in a world where swim suits seem to be getting teenier and having bare skin showing is celebrated.

No, I'm not saying bikinis are evil. I like and own bikinis too, I just don't like inappropriate cuts and styles that are risque.

Goodness gracious I sound prudish! So be it.

OK, off the soapbox now.

So, do you have your swimsuit for the summer season picked out? Do tell:


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  1. I'll be the risque diva laying next to you expecting my hubby to jump in after the kiddos =) Heheee.....JK! LOVE the one-piece as you well know!!! And can sound as prude as you want - its YOUR blog (but you DON'T sound prude...just for the record...but maybe that's just cause I know you). =) Okay...rambling now.

  2. *sigh* Well I had the perfect suit in my head (Very similar to yours actually, but black)and was on the quest to find one online when I found out I'm pregnant! So I guess I'll be dusting off my maternity suit once again:( Maybe next year. Love that teal though! Super cute, makes me want to check our Maxx and grab one for next year!

  3. love this swimsuit. i am also in need of one piece this summer, but all the styles (or lack of style) is very disheartening


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