Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On The Road Again....

Things I saw while driving today:
  • A majestic eagle perched in a scraggly tree overlooking a glassy lake. I think it looked at me.
  • Ok, I didn't SEE this, but I could SMELL the country...they were spreading again. Ahh, fertilizer.
  • A big tractor that I thought wasn't going to stop in time for me...but it did.
  • Many Canadian plates driving into the states to shop, because the US dollar is worth mud.
  • A ranch-style house, run down and unkempt, with what had to be 14 cars in the front yard. Not sure if that is legal in our parts.
  • A new car I've never seen before : A Nissan Rogue. Was curious where they got the name from. X-MEN? What would a Wolverine vehicle look like? Even worse, what about a Magneto car? That just wouldn't work at all. Talk about high insurance rates. Geico wouldn't be a lick of help.
  • Yet another Starbucks invasion...which I wholeheartedly support. After all, my creamers are getting low.
  • An empty car seat. Don't panic, all is good. MIL graciously offered some get out and go shopping time. Cranky attitude miraculously disappeared after "therapy".

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