Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The End Of A Season...

Well, I am feeling rather pouty today. In the grand scheme of things it is quite trivial but nevertheless...pouty.

I used my last drop of Coffemate Peppermint Mocha Coffee creamer this morning. As you all know, I am kinda obsessed with this stuff.

I was more excited than one should be when my Mom brought the first creamer of the season to me last November. But hey, I was on bed rest, and you have to celebrate the little victories or you'll go insane. Always looking on the bright side, I am. (Hmm, a little Yoda-ish today, we are.)

With the bright side in mind, I am now looking forward to this November which will once again herald the arrival of my dear old (very) sweet friend :

Goodbye my dear creamer, may you have a wonderful and prosperous year. I will be here waiting (pining) for your return.

Your devoted follower (consumptor)...



  1. Uhhh, it's not even February yet and you're looking forward to November??

  2. LOL too funny. I am not a coffee drinker pretty amazing a night shift OB NURSE WHO IS NOT A COFFEE DRINKER DON'T ASK ME HOW THAT HAPPENNED. i BET YOU WILL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT NOV....BUT NO TOO SOON.....ooops hit caps by mistake.

  3. I love this stuff too!

    I tagged you for a meme, check it out quick, comes with a $25 giveaway to some lucky person who plays along!


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